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6 Geeky Thanksgiving Recipes You Need to Make

6 Geeky Thanksgiving Recipes You Need to Make

Thanksgiving is a time of family and thankfulness and STUFFING YOUR FACE! If you want to host the geekiest holiday smorgasbord for your friends and family try adding a few of these recipes to your menu.

Elven Lembas Bread

lembas breadImage Credit:Nerdy Nummies

Lembas bread (or waybread) is a nutritious cake meant to keep you going on long journeys that was given to the Fellowship of the Ring in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. It is noted to be tastier than most other travel snacks and perhaps a bit magical since evil creatures are repulsed by it. There are a lot of varying opinions on how to make Lembas bread, but my favorite versions are similar to short bread. Here is a great recipe from Nerdy Nummies. Just make sure you are not inviting any hobbits over.

Elven Lembas Bread Recipe by Nerdy nummies

lembasImage Credit:l-o-t-r/tumblr


Salladhor Saan’s Hot Wine


Image Credit: Chelsea M-C/Inn at the Crossroads

Lembas bread can be a bit dry and your guests may like a different kind of fantasy story so why not serve Salladhor Saan’s Hot Wine from The Game of Thrones series? This mulled wine uses cloves, honey, vanilla, and limes to produce a spicy, sweet drink akin to sangria. Salladhor Saan, the Lysene pirate, offers this drink to Davos, the Onion Knight, in book four and Davos comments: “Hot wine is better than a compress, my mother used to say.” This wine will warm your guests bellies and get them ready for the oncoming meal.

Salladhor Saan’s Hot Wine Recipe by Chelsea M-C/Inn at the Crossroads

Pumpkin Pasties

 Pumpkin-PastiesImage Credit: Food In Literature

In the Harry Potter series, the Honeydukes Express food trolley provided Hogwarts students with tasty snacks as they traveled to the famous wizarding school. These miniature pumpkin pies are adorable and delicious! My favorite part of this recipe is that the site offers free printable packaging for your pasties so they can look like they came right off the trolley.

Pumpkin Pasties Recipe by Food In Literature


Nuclear Turkey

Image Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

The piece-de-resistance is an entire turkey basted in Nuka Cola. The soft drink was made famous in the post apocalyptic Fallout video game series and was recently made real by the Jones Soda Company. The soda itself, is berry lemonade and this recipe is theoretical untested, and not for the faint of heart nor taste bud. We hold no responsibility if in fact this recipe causes you to mutate a third hand from your stomach, but that hand may become very useful when serving dessert, so try it at your own risk! Just substitute Jones Soda Nuka Cola for the sprite.

Nuclear Turkey Recipe from E-How

Portal Cake

Portal CakeImage Credit: Valve

With the main course mutating within your stomach, it is time for dessert! One of the most recognizable video game snacks it the cake from Portal. Its decadent deliciousness teases you throughout the game and with this recipe the cake will not be a lie (unless you decide not to share).

Portal Cake Recipe from Instructables

Mudder’s Milk

If you haven’t eaten enough after all that, end your night with the fantastically filling Mudder’s Milk from Firefly presented by our own Critical Hit Cocktails with Mitch Hutts.


What are your favorite geeky recipes? What foods from your fandoms do you wish was real? Are you brave enough to try the Fallout Turkey? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image Credit: Warner Bros. / Harry Potter

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