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Geekfunding: Defect by Three Phase Interactive

Geekfunding: Defect by Three Phase Interactive

Thanks to the magic of Kickstarter, more and more game developers have been able to turn their dreams into an actual reality. Three Phase Interactive is one such group. They’ve developed a game called Defect — which has been greenlit by Steam, and you can support right now on Kickstarter — and let me tell you, it is awesome.


The game has a bit of a unique spin. Your goal is to build a truly awesome ship from scratch. Right now, you have over 175 components available to help you build up your perfect craft, and more will be coming later. And thanks to the vast scope of the game, you not only give your ship its own theme song, but you can also build anything from a tiny fighter to a behemoth that some might confuse for a small moon.


Here’s what makes the game truly unique. While you want to build a truly tough ship, you also want to make sure your ship isn’t totally impregnable. Why? Because at the end of each building session, you take your ship and crew on a mission. Once that mission is over, your crew will take over your ship, and defect to the other side. You’ll then have to build another ship, and attack your old ship (ultimately repeating the cycle again). Kind of crazy, right?

Defect Cycle

It gives the player quite the pickle to work through. Ultimately, you want to build the perfect ship. After all, if you unsuccessfully attempt a mission, you have to return to the shipyard to build a better ship. However, once you successfully complete a mission, your crew steals your ship and becomes your enemy in the next mission. So as you build your ship piece by piece and assemble your crew (yes, the very same folks who will soon become the Brutus to your Julius Caesar) you want to create a flaw in your ship and crew that you can exploit when you ultimately face off with the craft. However, it can’t be a flaw so damaging that an enemy can destroy the ship before your crew has the chance to perform a mutiny.

The game’s campaign is pretty solid, and will totally suck players in. Here’s what the Defect Kickstarter page says about it:

Planet Asbestos – Fighting has broken out between corporations, governments, pirates and private citizens over the rights to prospect for a theoretical particle that theoretically exists in only one place in the universe. Theoretically, that’s planet Asbestos. The research and mining costs have already bankrupted several planets, thus inflating the value of the probably nonexistent particle and creating a stock bubble that supports the entire economy of the galaxy.

Your job –  Defend the planet for the Suppressed Systems Navy. Your crew has been drafted from prison, which is turning out to be a less successful policy than was promised. Morale is low. Mutiny is inevitable.

Missions – Will consist of a primary objective, after which your mutinous crew will turn up in your previous ship and try to finish you off. Primary objectives include a wide range of scenarios, ranging from taking on simple waves of fighters, to capturing space stations, to evacuating passengers off a burning cruise ship, to building a ship that looks enough like an enemy ship that you can fool your way past their shields and drop a nuke on their stupid face.

Take a peek at the Defect crew. They might be mutinous, but they are a ton of fun. Bonus points if you identify the eighties pop sensation:

more defect crewDefect Crew

Of course, there’s also the Challenge Mode outside of the campaign if story’s not your style. You can take your most successful ships and face off against other ships in the community—though it isn’t direct multi-player, as the ship is AI-controlled. Be it a ship in your friend’s list or just another ship in the community, you can pick a ship to battle, and unleash hell.

As I sit here typing, Defect still has a ways to go before becoming fully funded. Right now, Three Phase Interactive is expecting to have the game ready—for multiple platforms including iPad, so not just PC—in May of 2016. Backers of Defect will get anything from a copy of the game, to art, T-shirts, and even mentions in the game’s credits. As I said before, this game has been greenlit by Steam, and after checking out the details of this game, I think there are only huge things on the horizon for Defect. If you want to get behind a truly great game in the making, head over to Kickstarter to become a backer of Defect.

Image Source: All Defect Images from Defect Kickstarter/; My Gif Database 2/

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