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Geek Travel:  Awesome Bars, Restaurants, and More for Movie-Lovers

Geek Travel: Awesome Bars, Restaurants, and More for Movie-Lovers

If you’re a movie lover and have been looking for that special bar, restaurant, or destination where you can let your geeky side run wild, well, we’ve got a list of Movie-Inspired Bars, Cafes, and more that you should definitely check out. We scoured the globe, searching for the best of the best, and we think you’ll appreciate the mix of themes and styles we were able to put together. We were inspired by everything from spy movies, fantasy, science fiction, and batman…yes batman. So pack your bags, grab your plane ticket, and get ready for a transcontinental movie-inspired excursion!

Disaster Café – Lloret de la Mar, Spain

The theme is in the name. This seemingly normal-looking café on the outside, actually packs quite a punch for visitors who are looking for a bit more excitement with their meal…just make sure you don’t wear that brand new shirt or dress. Yep, the Disaster Café specializes in simulating a 7.8 earthquake while you enjoy your meal. Themed to look like the interior of a mining shaft, when Disaster Café starts to shake, you’re in for a wild ride. Don’t worry about your food and drinks, because those are weighted down to keep from flying. Ok…maybe worry a little bit. People are known to get splashed and doused with drinks and food from time to time. However, seeing as we’re getting a big dose of earthquakes in San Andreas, coming out this summer, and we’ve had a plethora of disaster films throughout the years, we thought that this spot would definitely start the list off with a bang.

the hobbit bar

The Hobbit – Southampton, England

If you’re looking for an English Pub with a fantasy flair, look no further. This Lord of the Rings inspired pub is a fan favorite, often compared to New Zealand’s own, The Green Dragon Inn (see our 15ish Geekiest Bars article for more on that). The Hobbit features an expansive beer garden with a quaint, rustic bar and a large assortment of drinks and food. You’re going to feel like you’re transplanted right into the mind of J.R.R. Tolkien himself. Meet some friends who also appreciate the lore of Middle Earth, and you just set yourself up for one fun night!

lockup japan

The Lock-Up – Tokyo, Japan

Welcome to Japan…prepare to have some fun. The first stop is The Lock-up, a prison meets mad scientist’s lab where you are going to be pushed to the edge of your wits. As you sit down to eat and drink in your prison cell, you will be bombarded with eerie meals and cocktails, each with their own tricks and attributes. Most notably, one of the restaurant’s dessert plates seemingly looks like a plate of eclairs…but one of them is actually filled with wasabi instead of cream. Good luck finding out which one it is! The movie-inspiration for this restaurant might be all over the board, but it’ll give you that cinematic feel. Good luck escaping!

christon cafe

Christon Café – Tokyo, Japan

It’s like Dracula and Liberace had a baby and then, through dark magic, turned that baby into a restaurant. Now that we’ve got that image in your head, listen to this. Christon Café is a gothic religious café that will definitely give you some Bram Stoker’s Dracula vibes, in a good way. The luxurious sculptures and décor are straight out of the pages of a vampire novel, or any gothic-era piece. You’ll find an assortment of fancy drinks and meals, with a slightly more laid back atmosphere. It’s definitely a niche location, banking on their theme, so take some time to enjoy it.

eden motel batman

The Eden Motel – Kaohsuing City, Taiwan

OK, OK…while it isn’t a bar or restaurant, and while the motel itself isn’t movie-themed, we’re thinking of one room in particular. You might want to double check the hotel’s rubber nipples policy first though. That’s right, if you can manage to book The Eden Motel’s Batman room, you’ll be treated to a night in the life of Bruce Wayne himself. What looks like a hotel room straight out of the bat cave is actually an awesome tribute to the Batman franchise. Now, it’s not technically a bar or restaurant, but the room is stocked with an extensive mini bar and we’re pretty sure you could pull a Bruce Wayne and call up some food from room service. Only, Alfred probably won’t be included. Unless you know of any Taiwanese guys named Alfred…


Lebowskibar – Reykjavik, Iceland

Not a fan of The Big Lebowski? “Well I guess that’s like…your opinion, man.” But most Lebowski fans will love this homage to the classic cult hit. Modeled after the bowling alley in the film, and a drink menu made complete with…you guessed it…plenty of White Russians, you will feel like you’re immersed in the world of Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski and his friends. Make sure you ask them to put some coco puffs on top of your white Russian…it might not be from the movie but it looks oh so good. Get this, the bar is made out of RUGS (let’s just hope nobody “defaced” them). However, if you tackle the Lebowskibar, you’re going to have a fun time. Enjoy the quotes plastered around the room, and have fun talking with the locals and tourists about The Big Lebowski. Just remember to follow all the rules and you’ll have a great night. “This is not ‘Nam…there are rules.”

icebar sweden

ICEBAR – Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

“I’ll have a martini…skaken, not stirred.” Prepare to feel like you’ve stepped onto the set of Die Another Day’s Ice Palace. James Bond certainly would be proud of the amount of detail that ICEHOTEL has put into their architexture. It’s entirely made out of ice, and when you sit down at their ICEBAR, you’ll drink out of a glass made of ice. Just remember to bring a coat, and leave the spy gadgets at home.

nasa pub

NASA Pub – Bangalore, India

You’ll feel like you’re walking aboard the International Space Station when you step into Bangalore’s NASA Pub. Enjoy some deliciously authentic Indian cuisine, grab yourself a drink, and take a look at the spacecraft-inspired décor. Ok, so it’s not the most realistic representation of NASA’s technology, but you’ll still have a great time. Picture Space Mountain meets Blade Runner, and you’ve got the right idea.

Have any good suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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