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Geek & Sundry’s New York Escape Room Adventures

Geek & Sundry’s New York Escape Room Adventures

If you’ve been following Geek & Sundry in any way, you’re probably well aware of our addiction to the phenomenon known as escape rooms. Part immersive theater and part competitive game, the escape room craze has definitely taken over our hometown of Los Angeles. No, we’re not obsessed–73 escape rooms in the last year alone is a totally normal, sane amount.

On a recent trip to New York, our team was graciously invited by a few escape room companies to come test their rooms out. Since our time was limited in the city, we were only able to do two.

The first room escape we visited was Escape Entertainment, which was in an office building just southeast of Herald Square. The New York branch of Escape Entertainment has three alliterative rooms–Alien Attack, Manhattan Mayhem, and Prohibition Pandemonium. When our group arrived, we were ushered into a spaceship, where we were told that the aliens would be boarding the ship within an hour. Looking around, we noticed that everything was in a foreign language, but thankfully we received handy phone translators that helped us figure out what everything was.

After doing so many escape rooms, this one still managed to impress our group with their production design. The stakes were high, and the attention to atmospheric details (music cues were hugely important) elevated this particular room to a higher standard than most that we’ve experienced (and remember, that’s quite a lot). The interplay between puzzles and technology was superb, with the translator devices becoming a key part of our escape and an extremely memorable component of the experience. This was definitely something we had not seen before, and Escape Entertainment, managed to incorporate the tech nearly flawlessly.

In the afternoon, checked out Riddle Me Out’s Alice in Wonderland themed room, the same one that BuzzFeed’s team had Snapchatted a few weeks ago. This time, we were paired with three other people we didn’t know–none of them had done an escape room before. The concept of the Alice in Wonderland theme was well done; lots of little nooks and crannies and extra rooms that were all well decorated. The puzzles were more simplistic and a bit more random in this one, so the beginners in our group enjoyed the experience more as they took everything in. The whimsical theme and easier puzzles make this room a good introduction to those who have never been to an escape room, and are a good indicator as to what all an escape experience could entail.

Overall, two solid room escape experiences in New York. Hopefully, we’ll make our way back to the East Coast soon to do some others. Or perhaps we’ll be able to take an escape room road trip across the United States.

Seriously though, is anyone up for a road trip?

Special thanks to Escape Entertainment and Riddle Me Out for having us over when we visited New York!

Image Credit: Pixabay

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