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Geek & Sundry Season 2

Geek & Sundry Season 2

Did you hear the news?!

Geek and Sundry is coming back for another year of content! We have had an amazing year and it’s all thanks to you, our community, so thank you for watching, sharing and subscribing!

We created this network as a place where Geeks are celebrated and loved no matter what one’s flavor of Geekdom might be. The idea of being proud to stand outside the box is what defines Geek & Sundry, and this year we want to take that to the next level: To help re-authenticate the idea of Geek.

As our fearless leader Felicia explains in this video:

“Your judgment is not my problem.”

We’re unleashing a revamped lineup that will cater to and be fine-tuned by you, our community members, over the coming year. TableTop will be returning, as well as Space Janitors, and we’re expanding our lineup to include a heavier focus on video games and fresh voices.

Our new lineup of shows premiere the week of April 1st. No April Fools – we promise!!

Ready to learn about the NEW shows?

Felicia’s Ark – Every Monday

There’s a digital apocalypse coming and it’s up to Felicia to save animals from your favorite video games … But which will she pick? You help her decide which makes the cut in this hilarious look into the video game animal kingdom starring Felicia Day.

Space Janitors (Season Two) – Every Other Tuesday

A satirical and irreverent sci-fi comedy about life aboard an iconic evil space station as seen through the eyes of Mike and Darby, two custodians trying to keep things clean in the midst of an intergalactic civil war.

Fetch Quest – Every Wednesday

From the Emmy-nominated Jordan Allen Dutton (Robot Chicken) comes an animated comedy series about video game culture. Anything goes in this witty, irreverent and often musical series.

TableTop (Season Two) – Every Other Thursday

Wil and his friends are back for another iconic season of TableTop, the critically acclaimed, fan-loved show that is the Celebrity Poker of board games.

Player Ones – Every Friday

This show features the hilarious comedy styling of our sketch team, Player Ones, as they find the humor in any video game from casual to Triple A. Whatever your taste in games, Player Ones have a skit for you.


So, what do you think? What did we do well, what should we improve on? We want to hear from you! Tell us about Felicia’s definition of Geek and what you want to see more of in the upcoming months!

We’re developing more shows all the time and your feedback will help determine our lineup. Because we’re here to entertain YOU!

Visit the Geek & Sundry Season Two thread on our forums to share your thoughts!

Thank you as always for supporting our network, and for the outsider, rebel, dreamer and creator in you.

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