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Geek & Sundry SDCC Announcements – Miss SDCC? Read this!

Hi G&S-ers and G&S-ettes! SDCC was AMAZING! Thanks to everyone who made it out to see us! We’ll be updating a Pinterest board with photos from all of our events later this week! This week Written by a Kid premieres on Wednesday, July 18th, at 10am Pacific with the episode we previewed at our SDCC panel. It stars Dave Foley, Kate Micucci & a young upstart who goes by the name of Joss Whedon. Keep an eye on him. We think he’s going places…Here’s a link to the trailer in case you missed it, and here is the link to a video telling you more about WBAK! Here’s the full lineup of new Geek & Sundry show announcements that we made at SDCC this year:

Written By A Kid (Premiering July 18th, new episodes every Wednesday)  Original stories by real kids are transformed into live-action and animated pieces that truly capture the madness and magic of the 5-to-10-year old mindset. The 10 episode series premieres with “Scary Smash” directed by Daniel Strange.

The Guild Season 6 (Coming Fall 2012)  The sixth season follows Codex as she tries to balance her new job at The Game with her duties to the Knights of Good. The season will also include weekly Behind-The-Scenes featurettes.

On The Table (Coming August 2012)  On The Table is a high-octane tabletop gaming news show that will air bi-weekly. The show covers all that’s new and great in the world of war gaming, role-play, board games and more.

Pat Rothfuss’ Authors’ Roundtable (Coming August 7, 2012)  New York Times Bestselling Author Pat Rothfuss (The Name of The Wind) leads lively monthly discussions about the craft of writing and creativity with a rotating panel of notable authors from literature, film, television, comics and the web.

Vaginal Fantasy (Coming August 14, 2012)  Join Felicia Day, Veronica Belmont, Bonnie Burton and Kiala Kazabee for a gathering of wine, women and smut as they discuss and dissect a new romance novel each month.

Penile Code (Coming August 21, 2012)  In this monthly hangout, Sean Plott (Day9) and friends discuss the confusion and puzzlement they share with geek men everywhere regarding the fairer sex while simultaneously enjoying excellent imported beer and playing old text and video games revolving around the conflict between the sexes.

Frontiers of Geekage (Coming January 2013) Geek & Sundry’s first ARG! Host J. Keith Van Stratton (Beat The Geeks, Best Week Ever) investigates the people who are pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in art, science, technology and more while simultaneously providing clues for a covert and elaborate alternate reality game.

Learning Town (Coming January 2013)   Nerdcomedy music duo Paul & Storm battle villainous hipsters, cantankerous ghosts and flammable puppets as they attenpt to revive the flagging educational show of their childhoods in this offbeat comedy musical.

We cant wait to share the new lineup with you! Thanks as always for watching and supporting us. You make everything we do possible! Beverly

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