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Geek & Sundry 2015 In Review: Movies

Geek & Sundry 2015 In Review: Movies

There were other movies besides Star Wars: The Force Awakens released in 2015. We’re quite sure of that. We had our butts in theaters and fingers on keyboards to write about some of our favorite films that came out this year, ones that came out in the past, and films we’d love to see in the future.

Ready Player One Movie: Let’s Speculate!
If you haven’t read the hit novel Ready Player One, you’re missing out. We gush about what we hope to see in the film adaptation.

Sequelogy: 4 Ways to Make a Good Sequel or Remake
How can the film industry improve its franchise continuations? We have a few ideas.

Wes Craven Movies You Can’t Put Off Anymore
Do you enjoy horror movies? Wes Craven is the master of them. We have a list to help you expand your horror repertoire.

Geek Travel: Awesome Bars, Restaurants, and More For Movie Lovers
We take you to some of the coolest movie-inspired sights you should see for yourself.

The Avengers Cast’s Very First Movie Roles
We love a good comic book hero’s origin story, but what about the actors’ origin stories?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Through The Projector Lens
We look back on the cult hit on its 40th anniversary.

Frozen Faces Off Against Star Wars in Jedi Princesses
Geek & Sundry teamed up with AVbyte to have some fun creating this Star Wars/Frozen mashup.

There are lots of exciting movies coming out in 2016. We’ll be there to cover the ones you’re itching to see. Tell us what films you’re looking forward to next year in the comments!

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