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Geek & Sundry 2015 In Review: Critical Role Soundtracks

Geek & Sundry 2015 In Review: Critical Role Soundtracks

Any tabletop gamer will tell you that they have playlists for their RPGs. Every character has a signature song, and when you hear it, you just know it’s the one. We tasked our Critical Role cast to put together playlists of the songs that inspire their characters. Check out the links below to hear the tunes from your favorite adventurers.

Critical Role Soundtrack By Matt Mercer
Matt shares the songs that inspire his many complex NPCs.

Critical Role: Pike’s Holy Playlist of Light and Goodness
Who knew that the sweet gnome of light’s soundtrack could be so…dark and sad?

Critical Role: Grog’s Soundtrack – In The Key of Rage
If any song on this list truly encompasses Grog’s personality, it’s “C Is For Cookie.”

Critical Role: Scanlan’s Soundtrack – A Bard’s Tale
Sam can make up a song on the fly, but so can the Eminem-inspired Scanlan.

Critical Role: Keyleth’s Soundtrack – The Sounds of Nature
We promise it’s not just sounds of birds chirping and rivers. This list is way more interesting.

Critical Role: Vex’s Soundtrack – A Rhapsody In Arrows
Laura’s soundtrack tells the tale of how the archer survived her youth and found her own little trinket.

Critical Role: Vax’s Soundtrack – Music to Stab By
And one and two and stab to the beat.

Critical Role: Percy’s Soundtrack – Number One With a Bullet
Can these songs unlock the beast inside Percy? Probably not, but that’s what holy magic is for.

We have lots more Critical Role content planned for 2016. You’ll only be able to find it here, exclusively at Geek & Sundry. And now, Grog dance.

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