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We Just Hit A Big Milestone So We’re Inviting A Live Sloth To Play D&D In Celebration

We’re getting a sloth to play Dungeons & Dragons with us.

We’ll say it again: a sloth will be playing Dungeons & Dragons with us.

What? You want more information? Fine. After hitting 16K subscribers on our Twitch channel, we wanted to bring in someone special to play D&D with us on the stream. Sid the Sloth (yes, that’s really his name) turned out to be the best candidate since he has an easy-going personality and plenty of patience for our often chaotic crew.

You can catch Sid the Sloth rolling die with the best of them on the Geek & Sundry Stream this Friday (April 8th) from 4:30-6PM PST. Afterwards, you can ask the handlers any questions you may have for Sid, ranging from how to care for a sloth to whether or not they can handle heavy armor (but do they really want that penalty to movement?).

The crew from Critical Role will be there to help him on his adventure and Felicia Day will be by his side as they go on this quest. Expect other guests to appear as well because… well, we have a sloth playing D&D. And to commemorate this illustrious day of inter-species role playing, there will be sloth t-shirts for sale with a portion of the proceeds going to the Wildlife Learning Center charity, the home of our beloved Sid the Sloth. Tune in to Geek & Sundry Live this Friday and let us know what you are thinking by using #SlothAndSundry on Twitter.

#SlothAndSundry | April 8th 4:30-6PM PST

Join Sid the Sloth live on the stream for fun with amazing guests and a big THANK YOU to everyone on Twitch who made this possible.

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