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Game Master Tips with Satine Phoenix – Crossing Boundaries & Character Death with Dr. Megan Connell

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Game Master Tips! Our Game Master extraordinaire, Satine Phoenix, shares with you some of her tips for creating amazing adventures, dealing with difficult parties, or what it takes to sit behind the GM screen. Even if you are a first-time storyteller or a veteran of the field, Satine can help you to become a better Game Master at the table.

This season, Satine brings in some of the best minds to craft an adventure to the show to tackle the issue of the day. In the latest episode of GM Tips, Satine and board certified psychologist Dr. Megan Connell discuss crossing boundaries and character deaths.
Check out GM Tips with Satine Phoenix every Thursday at 8AM PT, or watch it two days early on Alpha! You can also find more tips by checking out previous episodes and seasons right here on Geek & Sundry.
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