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Game Changers  From the Latest Episode of The Walking Dead

Game Changers From the Latest Episode of The Walking Dead

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was a ninety-minute gut punch of an exploration of life with Negan. Still, there managed to be some pretty significant bombshells dropped this episode. If you aren’t caught up with the show, read on at your own risk. Spoilers ahead!

In the show’s timeline, the events from this week’s episode, “Service” happen about three days after the massacre we witnessed with the season premiere. Though we’ve started to enter that numb phase of half-hearted acceptance after losing a beloved character and worrying about others, Rick and the other citizens of Alexandria are still wrapping their minds around what life with Negan is really like. When Negan came to collect his “share” of Alexandria’s goods (which was supposed to be half, but was really more like most) several days earlier than planned, things got intense and some serious stuff got revealed.

Father Gabriel Has Entered the Game

Father Gabe

Father Gabriel has been a tough character to care about. He met us with a severe fear of walkers and a keen aversion to killing (making him a HUGE liability), and he quickly plummeted into the depths of self-loathing and moved to a bit of a background character. But this episode Father G not only managed to be the only one in high spirits, fully confident in the group’s ability to rise up against Negan, but he also thought quickly enough to dig Maggie a fake grave to fake her death and save her from being “welcomed” into Negan’s harem. Speaking of Maggie…

Maggie Is Alive… and at Hilltop

When Father Gabriel took Negan to Maggie’s grave, I audibly gasped. Surely, they weren’t going to kill off Maggie in such a low key way, right? Luckily, the grave was a rouse, and Maggie is busy getting healthy over at Hilltop. There’s no word if she’s still pregnant or not (because it really seemed like she was in the middle of a miscarriage), but we can hope the world will soon have a little Glenn Jr. to look out for them. Hopefully she gets well soon, because she’s one of the few characters willing to stand up to Negan, and we need her!

The Ricktatorship Is Over


It’s hard to see Rick broken like this. There were several times in the episode when he felt compelled to attack Negan, but ultimately backed down before anything happened. Negan’s men came across the introduction video Deanna made of Rick when they first entered Alexandria, and showed it to Negan. When he saw it, he commented on how tough Rick looked, and even said that he would not have messed with that version of Rick–though that version of Rick was long gone. Rick Grimes used to be a viscous and powerful leader, but those days are over.

Though we’re bidding adieu to the Ricktatorship, there are several characters ready to step up to overthrow Negan. We already know Maggie is on the warpath and Carol could be cooking something up with The Kingdom, but we also saw Rosita step up to start to fight back. And though Michonne told Rick she’d try to comply with Negan, the episode ended with her angrier than I’d seen her in quite a while. It looks like we’ve got some badass women who are about to take out Negan and his Saviors, and I am HERE FOR THAT!

The Mattresses

The Saviors did a lot of messed up things when they took their share of goods from Alexandria. Dwight continued his Daryl cosplay endeavors and took Daryl’s bike (as well as stealing Rosita’s hat for a bit), the Saviors took all of the medicine and weapons from Alexandria, and nearly killed someone when two handguns went missing. But all of that pales in comparison to the mattresses. They took every mattress from Alexandria, plopped the mattresses on the side of the road, and set them on fire. It just felt so unreasonably cruel after all of the tragedy the Saviors had put on Alexandrians, and only made us root harder for Michonne, Rosita, and Maggie to organize and overthrow Negan.

Rick Grimes, You Are…NOT the Father!

Rick Grimes

It’s been speculated for quite a while by the TWD fandom that Judith’s biological father was Shane, not Rick. However, apart from a few passing conversations that happened way back at the start of the show, it’s not been talked about much. In this episode, Rick finally confirmed what fans had thought all along–Shane is actually Judith’s father. It was clear that though the situations surrounding Judith’s parentage were murky and challenging, Rick had fully taken her in and loves her like his own.  With a biological dad like Shane, an adopted dad like Rick, and a brother like Carl; we can only hope that Judith will grow up and live up to her “Lil’ Asskicker” nickname.

Who do you think is going to step up and lead Alexandria? Will Rick find himself or will it be someone like Michonne? Is Negan even beatable? Let’s talk about it in the comments! 

Feature Image: AMC

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