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GALLERY: You’ll Flip Over These Critical Role Pancakes
Critical RoleCritical Role

GALLERY: You’ll Flip Over These Critical Role Pancakes

Critical Role is Geek & Sundry’s live Dungeons & Dragons show, featuring Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer and his troupe of fellow voice actors. Catch them every Thursday night at 7:00 PM PT on the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel and on Alpha.

Our favorite Critical Role characters have been cosplayed, drawn, painted, and crocheted, and now they’re… batter? Talented Critter and pancake artist Lee Goldberg made the Mighty Nein in pancake form earlier this year, and he also enjoys making a variety of Dungeons & Dragons themed art.

Lee has been a Critical Role fan for about a year, giving it a try after hearing Joe Manganiello as a guest on Brian Posehn’s Nerd Poker. “As crazy as this world is, he and I spoke briefly on Twitter, and he told me I HAD to watch Force Grey and Critical Role,” Lee recalls. “Joe doesn’t seem like the kind of guy you say no to. I found that Critical Role had been 90 something episodes deep, and I don’t exaggerate when I say, I spent about 80% of my waking moments binging the show.”

Lee fell instantly in love with the show, he says.


He had worked as a cook at a drug and alcohol treatment center for years when one of the residents commented that his creative takes on breakfast might work well for pancake art, which Lee hadn’t heard of before. “I just started playing around with batter and coffee filters and I was hooked,” he says. “Months later I reached out to Dan Drake of and basically said, ‘I am getting into this, any pointers?’

Dan is the kind of guy that loves cultivating and encouraging passion, much like the Critter community, and we started building a friendship.”

He’s since become a full artist and travels the country as a pancake artist for “I get to travel and make pancakes… for money… What a time to be alive.”

As an artist, Lee finds the detailed line work the most challenging, not always sure what the result will be before he flips the cake over to reveal the art. “Sometimes until you flip it, it’s a real Schrödinger’s Cat—it’s both terrible and perfect at the same time,” he says.


If you’re inspired to try some pancake art yourself, Lee suggests starting simple.

“Use a low heat at first, and go simple until you get a feel for it. A smiley face in a pancake is real treat in itself. So just draw and enjoy! We have a saying at Dancakes, ‘Even if you mess up, it’s still a pancake! Mistakes are delicious!'”

The Mighty Nein continue to hold a special place in Lee’s heart, and so they and the other denizens of Exandria are often the subjects of his pancake art. “I think it’s about the concept of a brand new start,” he says of his admiration for the characters. “I had to completely change my life at 30 years old and it wasn’t easy at all. To see the cast, who have spent years cultivating relationships and building strength and power, have to start from scratch really resonated with me.”

If you’re heading to the Stream of Many Eyes in L.A., you can catch Lee and Dan of in action!


All Images: Lee Goldberg


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