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GALLERY: Greet the Guests of Relics and Rarities
Relics and RaritiesRelics and Rarities

GALLERY: Greet the Guests of Relics and Rarities

Relics and Rarities is our Dungeons & Dragons show with Dungeon Master Deborah Ann Woll at the helm. In each episode, Professor Roundland assigns a group of four adventurers a mission on behalf of the R&R Brigade. They are accompanied by a special guest to help someone in need or retrieve a one-of-a-kind item that is causing more than a bit of trouble in the realm.

Each guest who helps Veros, Beryl, Annabella, and Rikki on their mission brings their own special skills to the table. Whether they’re an expert at navigating through a murky forest, a puzzle-solving whiz, or a keen detective, each of the Brigade’s talented allies are invaluable to the mission.

Let’s meet the six special guests who help our heroes along the way.

ALLISTER (Matthew Lillard)


Allister Goldfang is a gold dragonborn sorcerer who is larger than life in more ways than one. A supernatural medium, Allister is always aware of the friendly and not-so-friendly spirits around him. (Episode 1, The Haunting of Benthem Manor)

IONIS (Sam Richardson)


Ionis is a spiritual trapper who has spent days on end in the Briarcleft Forest. When the R&R Brigade need to enter the dark and ominous woods, there’s no better ally than this gnome ranger (and his panther companion, Mr. Fluffy) at their side. (Episode 2, The Trail of the Hidden Ones)

SEAMUS (Charlie Cox)


This half elf arcane trickster, who goes by the moniker “The Cabin Hand,” is hiding more than a deck of cards up his sleeves. Seamus is no stranger to the sea, and when he enters the cold depths of the water, he’s a man without fear. (Episode 3, The Ascent of The Angler)

MUMEÉ (Janina Gavankhar)


Mumée is just as comfortable in the cool darkness of a tomb as she is above ground. The half elf rogue thief is a tomb raider by trade, and her expertise in finding treasure is unmatched. The Brigade calls upon her in their hunt for the Axe of Thanian Mayit. (Episode 4, The Mystery of King Senna’s Tomb)

SAM HAIN (Kevin Smith)


When the bank of Bellbrook is the target for the R&R Brigade’s mission, Sam is the man they call in. The tiefling warlock isn’t only an expert on the town itself, but is a formidable and charismatic detective. (Episode 5, The Case of the Black Onyx)

ZORA Ujasiri (Simone Missick)


Zora Ujasiri leads the Brigade into battle. A human paladin, Zora has taken the Oath of the Ancients and makes her way through the land as a bounty hunter. She is very perceptive and has a special insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the enemies who dare face her. (Episode 6, The Battle of Livingstone Caverns)

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See these heroes in action in new episodes of Relics and Rarities every Wednesday on Twitch.

All Images: Geek & Sundry / Illustrations by Matt Olson

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