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Fun Comic Book Fan Theories From Around The Internet

Fun Comic Book Fan Theories From Around The Internet

As fans, we tend to spend hours pondering our fandom, questioning why certain characters made certain decisions, and why plots played out the way they did. So when other fans come up with fantastic theories, it’s not really shocking. But, the theories themselves are often pretty insane. Here are a bunch of fan theories from comic books that will leave you thinking.

Dr. Manhattan is aware we are watching him

Over on Reddit, an interesting fan theory emerged regarding Watchmen. By analyzing the writing style of Watchmen, one fan noticed that the only character we ever see the internal thoughts of is Dr. Manhattan. And if he is only thinking to himself, why is he explaining his whole life? It wouldn’t make sense for him to explain who he is unless he knows someone is watching him. While he can’t know what he can’t see, isn’t it possible he sees us watching him and thus knows? Either way, it’s a pretty cool theory to think about next time you read Watchmen!

doctor manhattan

J. Jonah Jameson has always known that Peter Parker is Spider-Man

Another fairly popular fan theory popped up on Reddit, which adds an additional level of fun to our neighborhood Spider-Man. Instead of newsman J. Jonah Jameson being totally oblivious to the fact that Peter Parker is Spider-Man (even though Peter just so happens to be the only person who can take a decent photo of Spider-Man), what if he knew the truth the whole time? That would mean that he antagonizes Peter by printing stories of Spider-Man being a menace. Why would he do that? The theorist says it’s to make Peter work even harder. Plus, Jameson gets lots of awesome headlines to sell copies of The Daily Bugle. So it’s a win/win.


Robin is actually the perfect weapon against Batman

It’s painful to imagine but is it possible that Robin‘s primary purpose isn’t just to be Batman‘s sidekick? One Reddit user has a simple yet totally plausible theory. What if Robin’s purpose is to learn all he can about Batman in order to ultimately destroy him if he turns evil? Batman fears turning evil, yet if Robin knows all of his moves and abilities, he would be the perfect one to bring Batman down. It’s not all warm and fuzzy, but a neat idea to speculate on. Robin is the one who knows Batman best, making him the best chance at stopping him if need be. Just think about it!


Superman doesn’t have the types of powers he thinks he does

Is Superman actually telekinetic? Over on Reddit, there’s a fan theory using telekinesis to explain all of Superman’s powers. Basically, the theory goes like this–Kryptonians were a mental race, not a physical one. So, doesn’t it make sense that Superman’s powers are mental, not physical? Telekinesis is a mental power but can still explain Superman’s ability to fly, his invulnerability, and even heat vision. So maybe instead of having those physical powers, he used his telekinesis to create those abilities. Ok, it’s getting a little convoluted but I like the “out of the box” thinking here.


What are your favorite comic book fan theories? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: DC Comics
Image Credit: Watchmen / Facebook, Marvel Comics, DC Comics

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