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Frozen Everyday Cosplay

Frozen Everyday Cosplay

It’s been pretty crazy watching Disney‘s film, Frozen, blow up in pop culture. Kids and adults alike have become obsessed with Anna and Elsa. Not only are the sisters funny, lovable, and relatable; they’ve also got some pretty impressive style. While it can be fun to pull together a great cosplay outfit based on Frozen characters (and there are tons of AMAZING ones out there), I’ve pulled together a few everyday cosplay/Disney Bound looks to help you get your Frozen on in your everyday life.


I don’t care who you are, everyone has got to have some love for Oaken. He was only onscreen for a short amount of time, but his appearance on Frozen was truly memorable. It isn’t mandatory, but it’s highly recommended to add, “Yoo-hoo!” to your daily vocabulary while dressed like Oaken.

Everyday Oaken



You may not want to act like Hans, but you have to admit this guy has some pretty snappy style. And remember: while dressing like Hans is just fine, do try to avoid the whole breaking someone’s heart while simultaneously also trying to murder their sister thing.

Everyday Hans



We can’t teach you how to offer your friends warm hugs, but we can teach you how to dress like your favorite snowman. Keep it simple with a basic black-and-white look with a tiny accent of orange to emulate your favorite snowy companion. Just stay away from the sun…

Everyday Olaf



If the fact that Frozen depicted an actual Disney princess waking up with intense bed-head spoke to you on a spiritual level, than this is the outfit for you. Anna’s look is cute and cozy, and is perfect for travelling across the mountains in search of your sister…or whatever your day may bring you.

Everyday Anna



Even if you weren’t low-key raised by rock trolls, you can still rock Kristoff’s style. This is another cozy look for collecting ice, helping a nice girl find her sister in the snowy mountains, or anything else that might come your way. Just don’t go bursting any snowmen’s bubbles when they tell you about their summer plans.

Everyday Kristoff



Of course Frozen would be nothing without the lovely and elegant Elsa. While it is, unfortunately, impractical to go around in a floor-length gown with a giant, sparkly train; you can bring Elsa’s look into your everyday life with a pretty maxi dress, a glittery scarf, and a lacy cardigan. Of course there isn’t a coat with this look because–say it with me, everyone–the cold never bothered me anyway.

Everyday Elsa


Who is your favorite character from Frozen? Have you done a Disney Bound/everyday cosplay look or a full-out cosplay based on a Frozen character? Tell us about it in the comments!


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