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From Space to Zombies: Indie Games You Should Play

From Space to Zombies: Indie Games You Should Play

It’s the week after San Diego Comic-Con International, and you’re still probably riding the high of awesome geeky news and events circulating around the show. Whether standing in line for Hall H or watching leaked trailers from your laptop at home, you’re probably still hungry for space adventures, oddball superheroes, zombies, and other awesome experiences you saw on the Comic-Con floor.

But if you’re looking for a good adventure, or a trip to the stars, or life-and-death encounters with a zombie horde, you don’t need to wait for a blockbuster movie or even a giant video game—indie developers have been working just as hard to put out the same quality of experiences for years. Here’s some cool games you can check out to sate your post Comic-Con hunger.


Star Wars’ return to Comic-Con has us excited for Han, Luke and Leia’s newest adventures, but if you want to kick off on your own space adventure today, Starbound should definitely be on your radar. Playing online or in single-player, you can choose one of 7 species to set out on an intergalactic adventure of your choosing across procedurally generated planets and solar systems.

For fans of Star Wars’ expanded universe, Starbound’s a great choice for players who want to take the role of side characters who aren’t necessarily caught in the mission of taking down the empire but more interested in seeing strange new worlds and creating their own role in a big universe. Stumbling across an ancient temple as you try to set up camp for the night might feel similar to wandering the ruins of Korriban (With just as many nasty secrets), while helping alien merchants in exchange for supplies might remind you how Padmé felt stranded on Tatooine.

Thomas Was Alone

X-Men, Batman v. Superman, and Suicide Squad all soared over Comic-Con this year, but the hero fans shouted for an encore trailer showing of was none other than the merc with a mouth Deadpool. So if you’re looking for a self-aware story with some superheroes, why not try out Thomas Was Alone?

No, really. This little game about squares, shapes, and other two-dimensional beings is about superheroes–sort of. Thomas Was Alone is a platformer that tests your navigational skills, but it’s also a sweet and funny story narrated by British comedian Danny Wallace, about those same squares, rectangles, and other shapes learning the secrets of who they are, why they were brought together, and what powers they have in this two-dimensional world. Among them, Claire, a sad square seeking purpose in life, decides she is a superhero when she jumps in water, and discovers she is the only one who is able to float.

Dead State: Reanimated

But if you were at Comic-Con for Zombies, you got hordes of them. Between The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Ash vs. The Evil Dead, and the slew of zombie cosplayers; you might be feeling hungry for a little flesh or wanting to pick up your own boomstick after this weekend. For the zombie hunters among you, Dead State: Reanimated might be what you seek.

Dead State: Reanimated is an RPG with turn-based combat set in central Texas where you lead a team of survivors fighting for survival in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. It skews a bit more toward The Walking Dead than Evil Dead for its zombies and narratives themes, with a focus on making deals with other surviving factions, raiding for supplies, and managing your fellow survivors as best you can in grim scenarios. Zombies have populated lots of indie games lately, but Comic-Con fans should pay particular attention to Dead State since its zombies are much like their compatriots on The Walking Dead—a violent force that upends the character’s lives and throws friends and foes into strange alliances to stay alive.

We look forward to bringing you more awesome indie games based on your love for your favorite geeky stories—let us know if you’re looking for a certain type of game, and we’ll give  you a recommendation!

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