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Fresh Off The (Digital) Presses – Binge comiXology’s New Original Titles

Fresh Off The (Digital) Presses – Binge comiXology’s New Original Titles

Devouring issue after monthly issue–it’s been an integral part of comics readers’ experience since the days of spinner racks. Time marches ever onward, though, and with its brand new Originals initiative, comiXology brings a uniquely 2010s style of consumption to that experience. We’re talking, of course, about “the binge.”

Up until now, Amazon’s digital comics and e-reader platform offered the occasional exclusive title from third-party publishers, but wasn’t known for having its own titles. That all changed in a blink recently, when this line of creator-owned comics was simultaneously announced and released over the span of one very eventful Twitch stream. No scouring Previews and hunting for codes. No three-months-in-advance pre-orders. The first slew of books is available, now–in any format that suits readers.

A reader can order a digital copy immediately or use a comiXology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime membership to read for free. Hard copies of some titles are even available through a unique print-on-demand system. Implementing a spread of 2018 tech together (and applying the aforementioned “binge” option streaming outfits like Netflix and Hulu have popularized for TV shows) comiXology is even making all installments of certain series available at once. No anxious waiting for new issues, month to month, either.


Running from pulp mysteries to beastly horrors and butt-kicking superheroics, the initial offerings show a kind of variety comiXology wants Originals to be synonymous with. And Head of Content Chip Mosher explains,“We’re proud to offer these creator-owned titles where creators keep their [intellectual property] rights and are motivated to bring their A-game to the benefit of readers everywhere. Helping bring these incredible titles to fans lets us experiment with different release strategies like a binge-style drop of a whole series, high-quality print-on-demand, and day-and-date inclusion [on all our platforms].

The initial four titles are as follows…

Savage Game, by Shawn Kittelsen and by Chris B. Murray, follows a man’s desperate efforts to shut down a circuit of gladiatorial bouts between hybrid monstrosities waged on a tycoon’s private island.

Superfreaks by Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet, with artist by Margaux Saltel, centers on a motley crew of teen sidekicks who must step up after their superheroic mentors have mysteriously disappeared.

Ask For Mercy, by Richard Starkings and Abigail Jill Harding, features a new recruit to a cadre of frightening, Nazi-fighting monster-hunters who also happen to be monsters themselves.

With Axel Medellin on art, Richard Starkings also pens Elephantmen 2261: the Death of Shorty, a new, multi-part installment of his long-running series which sees the hippopotamus private eye Hip Flask taking on the case of a mutant beast man’s murder.

Many more comics are in the pipeline, as well. While no further titles have been named yet, comiXology is keen to tease before Comic Con 2018, offering a long list of both new and established talent who’ll be contributing to Originals. The roster already includes stars like Sam Humphries, Mark Sable, and Tim Seeley, and a full roll call has been handily arranged in the promo card below.


Will you be giving these Originals a download? Or have you already zapped ’em to your reader? Could binging become part of your reading habits? Speak up in the comments!

Image Credits: comiXology Originals

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