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Four Attractions We NEED In The Rumored Universal Studios Star Trek Land
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Four Attractions We NEED In The Rumored Universal Studios Star Trek Land

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Ever since Star Tours first opened in 1986, rumors of similar Star Trek themed attractions have flickered on and off throughout the decades. There have been a few attempts at bringing the world of the show to life (Anyone remember Star Trek Adventure?), but nothing that stuck around for more than a few years. The success of immersive theme park lands of other franchises may soon change all that. Universal Studios has been buying up a lot of land around its current parks to fuel speculation it will majorly expand to combat the introduction of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction to Disney’s lineup.

One of the big franchises that keeps popping up in the discussions of the new park’s theme is a setting that will populate Florida with Klingons, tribbles and Starfleet cadets. Universal’s new park is still a long ways off — if they began construction today, the park wouldn’t be ready until 2022 at the earliest – but let’s throw out some ideas for potential park planners to consider while they finalize the contracts. Besides, of course, the giant statues immortalizing the crew of Shield of Tomorrow’s Sally Ride.

Set Reconstructions


There are already some awesome places to visit reconstructions of Star Trek sets; Hollywood SciFi Museum starts touring in 2018 and the Original Series Set Tour in Ticonderoga, NY. Fans want to feel what it’s like to be on board the bridge of their favorite starship or feel the thrum of the warp core. A park could offer space for permanent standing sets for photo ops, weddings, and other special events. It could also function more like a television studio where sets are often redressed and reused. This could allow the park to drive attendance by offering themed sets at certain times of the year, like spooky Borg versions at Halloween or even Klingon Christmas (Kahlessmas?) sets.

Kobayashi Maru


One area where the sets could have an advantage over the current versions are adding in an interactive element to the experience. Games like Bridge Crew and Artemis offer some pretty good Starfleet simulations at home, but actually pressing buttons on a console and watching it shake and smoke when a ship takes damage would be totally awesome. Different crews could select different difficulties, but we wager the most popular one would be the most legendary one; The Kobayashi Maru. It may be a no-win situation but that wouldn’t stop fans trying to do their best to stand up to the toughest test Starfleet has to offer. Maybe there could even be a hidden hacking mini-game to play for fans that want to win via the Kirk route.

Alien Encounters


Today’s cosplay fandom has many strands of DNA that stretch back to Star Trek fans showing up at conventions in uniform and Renaissance Fairs in Klingon costumes. The park could turn that into a great asset by encouraging the cosplay community to show of their costumes and share tips and techniques. Newbies could attend shows where they watch how alien makeup is applied and hardcore cosplayers could pick up official materials at the gift shop outside. This attraction could even make a cheap souvenir that lampshades how so many aliens look human; rubber alien foreheads for tourists instead of, say, mouse ears.



We remember the version of this legendary bar at the Las Vegas Star Trek Experience that existed several years ago. There are a lot of good ideas for themed food places throughout the park, but Quark’s should be the big full-service restaurant that offers an immersive dining experience. The park might not be able to offer holosuites, but actual artifacts from the various media would ease the pain of missing out on the adventures of Dixon Hill or Julian Bashir, Secret Agent.

What would you want to see in a Star Trek theme park? Tell us in the comments! And be sure to check out our show Shield of Tomorrow here on Geek & Sundry!

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Images Credits: Paramount, CBS, Goddard Group 

Rob Wieland is an author, game designer and professional nerd who’s worked on dozens of different tabletop games (including Star Trek Adventures, Star Wars, and Firefly, and his own creations like CAMELOT Trigger). He’s a Dungeon Master for-hire for in-person or remote games. Online, he tweets, and livestreams RPGs. His meat body can be found in scenic Milwaukee, WI.

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