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Five Villains from Sailor Moon That’ll Make You Say WTF

Five Villains from Sailor Moon That’ll Make You Say WTF

Sailor Moon is one of the most beloved anime shows of all time. It’s the show that got me and millions of others growing up in the 90s into anime and dreaming about throwing a wand in the air and transforming into a badass senshi. But let’s be real; the Sailor Scouts have fought some pretty weird baddies in the name of the moon. From vacuum cleaners to tadpoles, here are the top 5 weirdest villains the Sailor Scouts have ever faced.

#5: Do you wanna build a snowman?


Meet Blizzard a… well, a weird snowman lady… thing. Blizzard is the earliest appearing villain on both our list and the show, battling Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars all the way back in episode 38. This enemy was a transformed human skier who could control snow, cause avalanches, and freeze people at will. That’s pretty badass and anyone just hearing that description would probably consider her to be an awesome villain. Well, Blizzard isn’t on this list because of her powers, but rather her dress code. What is up with those snowmen? Yes, they are where you think they are and no, we have no idea if it’s her outfit or something more permanent. What’s more, those snowmen actually change expression at will. Are they sentient? What are they thinking? WTF is wrong with you, snowman queen?!?!

#4: Elephants on Parade


Ok, I’ll give you this; an elephant vacuum is a really cute idea. When turned into something to fight though? Yeah, it doesn’t work out well. This enemy emerged in episode 94 during the Sailor Moon S run and was created from its victim’s vacuum cleaner. However, her main power focused on attacking her enemies with gusts of wind. I don’t know about you, but when I use a vacuum cleaner, blowing is pretty much the exact opposite of what I want it to do. On top of that, this Dyson Dame also somehow has the ability to track the pure heart crystal she stole after losing it in a battle with Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. What kind of vacuum cleaner has lojack?

#3: These boots were made for walking


I don’t even know, guys. This villain comes from the Sailor Moon S series (episode 106) and was created in the Witches 5 lab from a racing hurdle. They named her Hurdler in case that point wasn’t clear enough. The episode revolves around running, so the racing theme makes sense, but come on. Her one attack seems to focus on using the tape that racers break through at the finish line to tie up the Sailor Scouts. Otherwise, she spends her fighting time running away and jumping over the hurdles (haha, so punny) the Sailor Scouts throw her way.

#2: It’s a horse! It’s a bird! It’s… pegasus man?


It’s a man dressed as a pegasus… or a pegasus with a guy’s head in his chest. I don’t know, and either way it’s weird. This is another enemy from the Sailor Moon S series (episode 143). Actually, most of our list today is from Sailor Moon S, so hats off to you for being the weirdest of the Sailor Moon series. The pegasus guy doesn’t really do much. Really, he causes some havoc in town and then spends his battle with the Sailor Scouts twirling like a professional ballerina on speed. The kicker? His spinning is too powerful for Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon to defeat. Good to know that if I ever want to beat the Scouts, all I need to do is become an excellent twirler.

#1: Nothing can escape the blob!


Wtf? No, seriously. WTF? Ok, apparently this creature is a tadpole brought forth by the Amazoness Quartet in episode 151. The first time I watched this episode, I thought for a split second that this was a music note (there was a piano in the room and music was central to the storyline, so it made more sense than tadpole) but nope, it’s a tadpole. A tadpole with two sets of eyes and no mouth who’s wearing a bow. But, if that’s not enough for you, hold up. This tadpole gets #1 for a reason. On top of those looks and the oddity of a tadpole villain, this creature does nothing. It tries one headbutt attack and then hides in the piano to transform into a frog creature. Once it powers up into its frog form, this villain does… absolutely nothing again. One headbutt, a transformation, and then it’s vanquished. This enemy is absurd in both appearance and contribution. And that’s why it gets our #1 spot (and a hearty round of WTF?).

What are your most WTF villains from Sailor Moon? Are there any other shows that have characters who can match the tadpole in absurdity? Let us know in the comments.

All Images Credited to: Toei Animation

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