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Five Reasons Why Earth Defense Force’s Cheesiness Hits the Spot

Five Reasons Why Earth Defense Force’s Cheesiness Hits the Spot

Looking for a different sort of video game where your main job is to stop an alien invasion with an assortment of firepower and reckless abandon? Xseed Games has just the pair for you.

Two games came from the publisher this month that are sure to satisfy your Starship Troopers-style curiosity: Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair for PlayStation 4 and Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Space for PlayStation Vita.

In both games, your goal is to take down alien invaders in a number of forms, including small vessels that fly through the air, giant robots with an abundant amount of firepower, and, most commonly, large bugs and spiders that will stop at nothing to plow you with goop and webs. In order to survive, you’ll need to shoot first and ask questions later, especially considering the plot doesn’t make sense anyway, following the usual logic of 50’s sci-fi fare.

That said, there’s nothing like a good Earth Defense Force game, and here are five reasons why you shouldn’t be without it.

The Destruction Is Off the Charts


Although other games like Call of Duty have a strong production budget that make things come together with epic scale, Earth Defense Force is no slouch. As you can see in the above video clip, all it takes is the right set of weaponry to send a bunch of enemies packing in a hurry. With the grenade launcher in hand, bugs become a thing of the past, exploding in a giant red mess before their carcasses go flying across the landscape. What’s more, there are a number of weapons you can do damage with, including flame throwers, shotguns, missile launchers and lasers.

The Sci-Fi Feel Is Definitely There

The Earth Defense Force series isn’t afraid to let its science fiction-based colors show. In fact, it displays them proudly like a merit badge, whether you’re taking to the air in an air ranger suit, or battling on the ground with a heavily armed Fencer, or a soldier stuck in the middle with unlimited firepower. For that matter, the enemies, too, have that classic sci-fi look; especially the robots, who look like they come marching in from the Lost In Space set. There’s even a cheesy Godzilla lookalike in 4.1, which you must battle in true mech fashion.

The Dialogue Is Hilariously Bad

Most games manage to go a bit too far with their dialogue, drumming home the seriousness of the subject at hand, or trying way too much to make it sound as dramatic as possible. Not Earth Defense Force. This series goes off the charts with its comical dialogue, ranging from a scientist who feels the (unnecessary) need to explain everything to you to fellow soldiers that do everything from singing an EDF power song to asking what’s for lunch. Yes, in the middle of an alien invasion. Guess bug guts make them hungry.

Leave Nothing Standing: Everything Can Be Destroyed

One of the greatest things you can do in Earth Defense Force is send the city collapsing into chaos around you and not get penalized for it. Yep, with the right weapon, everything–skyscrapers, towers, even smaller buildings –can come tumbling down all in the name of keeping the world safe. You’re even likely to do more damage than any of the alien invaders combined. But no matter, you’ve got a world to save! Sure, those civilians will be out of a home when you’re done, but hey, that’s the government’s problem. EDF!

You Can Bring a Friend Along For the Ride

You don’t have to save the world by yourself in Earth Defense Force 4.1. The game provides the option of either playing alongside a cohort through the PlayStation Network, or locally in a “couch session” with split-screen support. Both are pretty awesome options and you can even make a game out of it, seeing who kills the most bugs first. (Or trashes the most buildings, if you’re feeling creative.) The video below, taken from Parasitic Productions’ page, demonstrates this split-screen mayhem perfectly. Grab a friend and go nuts.

Cover Image Source: XSEED Games Facebook page

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