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Five Games You Need to Grab at Gen Con

Five Games You Need to Grab at Gen Con

Gen Con is in just a few short weeks and gamers are already making lists and stowing away fistfuls of cash to pick up the latest hotness. Every year, a gigantic mound of cardboard is released into the wilds of Indianapolis, sometimes weeks before it hits standard retailers. These are the five titles you’ll have to sprint for when fighting the massive crowds at this year’s gaming convention.



Rob Daviau was a successful designer long before Pandemic Legacy stole the show. Now, he’s a bona-fide rock star, releasing his follow-up to that monolithic title. Thankfully, this looks to be much closer to Ride The Lightning than Zooropa.

SeaFall is the first Legacy game to not be based on an existing game system. Here, players take to the seas in a fictional world to explore, conquer, and hopefully open lots of little packets and envelopes. As leaders of an empire attempting to claw its way out of a dark age, players will participate in defining the history and enduring legend of a people full of hope and awe. This will sell out as soon as the starting horn blows.



Stonemaier Games is the Don Corleone of the tabletop Kickstarter world. Having successfully funded a number of projects, Scythe rode atop Stonemaier’s reputation coupled with jaw-dropping illustrations by Jakub Rozalski. Jakub’s art of alternate reality post-World War I steam powered mechs juxtaposed with civilian hardship inspired Jamey Stegmaier to launch the design from a theme-first perspective.

Sold on its hybrid nature of Agricola meets Kemet, this project raised several boat loads of money and early reports are that the hype is justified. It brings together unique mechanics amid an inspiring setting, grabbing ahold of players and not letting go.



Last year we saw Eric Lang smash teeth and crack skulls with his CoolMiniOrNot published Blood Rage. The two hooked back up to produce The Others: 7 Sins, a one-versus-many game of survival horror in a city gone mad. Player’s manage corruption as the primary resource, utilizing it to fuel special powers while being mindful of overindulging.

If Eric Lang’s name is not enough to get your blood pumping, then take one gander at those malevolent miniatures and start counting those bills.



Dead of Winter: sold, sold, and sold. It made waves after appearing on TableTop and collectively wowed an industry. It still feels like this game is impossible to track down nearly two years after its release.

The Long Night is the much anticipated expansion to this traitorous zombie survival epic. A new colony with new horrors and new challenges? Yes, please. Word is this one’s already sold through its print run at the publisher level and you’ll need to fight tooth and nail to claim your copy at the convention.



Gale Force Nine’s in-house design team does not disappoint. If you’ve never played Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery then you need to run down to your local game store right now. Really, stop reading this and get in your car—you won’t be disappointed.

Star Trek: Ascendancy is a Trekkies dream finally fulfilled. You take on the role of the Federation, Klingons, or Romulans and compete for dominance over 2-3 hours of play. You will explore, expand, and wage war in what looks to be the first game to really capture the property’s grandeur. Gale Force Nine has been teasing this game for quite awhile and it’s picking up velocity like a ship going to warp speed.

Are you going to Gen Con? What games releasing at Gen Con are you looking forward to? Planning to pick any of them up? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover image courtesy of Stonemaier Games

Image credit: Plaid Hat Games, Stonemaier Games, CMON, Plaid Hat Games,  Gale Force Nine

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