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Find An Amazing World of Cosplay With #28DaysofBlackCosplay

Find An Amazing World of Cosplay With #28DaysofBlackCosplay

Every year, February is celebrated in the US as Black History month as a time to spread awareness of and education on all the amazing black people who’ve helped to further along both American history and history around the world. Whether we’re talking about black women of the feminist and suffrage movements or the black men who were first to hold political office, there are so many amazing people for us to continue to learn about.

During this month, some amazing people took the time to organize a Twitter hashtag, #28DaysofBlackCosplay where black cosplayers could celebrate each other and show off their hard work and dedication to the craft of cosplay (a field often overrun with white people and white characters). Here are 5 beautiful cosplayers who are rocking it and their thoughts on the hashtag.

Finn from Victory Cosplay


When I asked Victory Cosplay’s thoughts on the tag, she was quick to respond: “I think the tag is wonderful and gives awareness to upcoming and prominent black cosplayers in the community; it shows us banding together and what we like about each other and how we support each other in the community. It’s being proud of who we are and showing our support!”

You can follow Victory Cosplay on Facebook and Twitter.

Tinkerbell from Peachi Bunni


Gotta love the notion of cosplayers expressing their passion and fandoms beyond skin color. Peachi Bunni exemplifies this with her adorable Tinkerbell cosplay. Black cosplay isn’t about portraying black characters, but expressing fandom in geek spaces as a black person through cosplay, and that’s as magical as a fairy.

Check out Peachi Bunni on Twitter and Tumblr!

Stocking from Coco-Cosplay


Coco-Cosplay felt that Stocking was such a strong character to portray and was very excited when I asked her to be a part of this and what the tag meant to her: “The tag is important to me because even in 2017 being a black cosplayer can be a struggle. People are so quick to condemn you for not looking like the character, for doing it wrong yet they’ll praise others for painting themselves darker to match a character. Through the tag I’ve become encouraged not to let the comments others say get to me. We may not look exactly like the characters but we do a darn wonderful job cosplaying them anyway!”

Go follow this Goddess on Facebook and Deviant Art!

Wonder Woman from Super Fit With Ree


Super Fit With Ree was all over the hashtag while I was searching through it and she’s been working hard to spread the word as much as possible: “I’ve enjoyed helping to spread the #28daysofblackcosplay. I feel that it’s a great way to shine the spotlight on people of color during black history month. I’m sincerely hoping that as the movement continues to grow each year, that it helps to inspire others who may have been hesitant to step into the cosplay world, to say you know what? I’m going to do this! Cosplay is indeed for everyone.”

This kickass Wonder Woman can be found on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube!

Sarah (Labyrinth) from Medusa’s Mirror Cosplay


Medusa’s Mirror had so many lovely cosplays popping up on Twitter but this one was just gorgeous, I had to show it off! Her cosplay really proves Coco-Cosplay’s point that you don’t have to be white to pull off traditionally white characters. Medusa’s Mirror also believes in spreading the awareness of more and more black cosplayers: “I feel black cosplayers are always in the shadows. This month symbolizes all of their hard work and dedication to said character. We put as much money, time and love into our costumes. I feel like it’s a boost of confidence for us and good representation to the younger generation.”

You can find her on Facebook and Twitter!

Did you guys see any awesome cosplayers who I didn’t showcase here? If so, who are there and where can I like everything they do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Featured Image Credit: Marvel/Disney

Blog Image Credits: Victory Cosplay, Peachi Bunni, Coco-Cosplay, Super Fit With Ree, and Medusa’s Mirror Cosplay

Writer’s note: I really cannot thank these cosplayers enough. They were all so lovely, wonderful, responsive, and welcoming! I wish them the best and I hope that all of you will go check out their Instagrams, Facebooks, and Twitter machines!

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