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Felicia Day Makes a Hat!
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Felicia Day Makes a Hat!

Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube!

Special thanks to Mark Mejia and Baron Hats!

Top 3:




Hosted by: Felicia Day

Featuring: Mark Mejia

Directed by: Sean Becker

Executive Producers: Felicia Day, Sheri Bryant, Kim Evey, Sean Becker

Associate Producer: Brit Weisman

Camera: Omer Ganai, Sean Becker

Sound: Neno Stevens

Makeup: Kim Graczynk

Theme Song: Eanan Patterson

Flog Logo Design: Adam Levermore

Opening Animation: Efehan Elbi

Written By: Eric Collin Campbell

Edited By: Ryan Cooper

Post Sound: Neno Stevens

Post Coordinator: Sophie Parkison

Visual Effects: Stephen Sprinkles

Additional Music: Kevin Macleod,

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