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Fashion Trends at Comic-Con 2015

Fashion Trends at Comic-Con 2015

Cosplayers may have been out in force this year at Comic-Con 2015, but the geeky fashionistas gave them a run for their money. Geek fashion was on the minds of many this year with the 2nd Annual Her Universe Fashion Show on Thursday night, two panels dedicated to the business and styling of geek fashion, and a standing-room only happy hour hosted by Fashionably Nerdy on Friday night. Walking the exhibit floor, I saw dozens of vendors featuring dresses, jewelry, purses, and more. Geeks of all shapes, sizes, ages and genders were celebrating their fandoms with original fashion ensembles. Here’s a few of the best trends seen on the floor.

Pin-Up Geeks

The fashion and geek communities are in love with the 1940s and this retro trend showed up in outfits celebrating superheroes, villains, killer plants, and even Ghostbusters. These dresses showed off these geeks’ curves and fandoms.

Stephanie Pressman (@StephPressman) Michelle Ramsay Melinda-Catherine Gross (@ProfoundlyGross) Casey Bruington (@caseybruington)

Images Credits (from left to right): Stephanie Pressman, Michelle Ramsay, Melinda-Catherine Gross and Casey Bruington


Geeky leggings have been trending for several years now, but these fans really added their own unique style to the look by pairing them with creative pieces.

Mac Beauvais (@strangelikethat) Sharon Wong (@sharonw)

Image Credits (from left to right): Mac Beauvais wearing We Love Fine and Sharon Wong wearing Anovos

Everyday Cosplay

Geeky fashionistas have been celebrating a new trend where you channel your favorite characters into your fashion. None of these ensembles would look out of place walking down the street, but each is a nod to a personal geek favorite.

20150709_172544_picmonkeyed Rosie Bether Joi Tanner (@curiousjoi)

Image Credits (from left to right): Ariel Staehle, Rosie Bether, and Curiousjoi

Do-It-Yourself Fashion

These creative fans created these custom pieces either from licensed fabrics or by constructing them completely from scratch. These geeks can do it all!

Kali van Nimwegen (@page_runner) Jilly Hopke (@JillycakesBakes) Alejandra Anaya

Image Credits (from left to right): Kali van Nimwegen, Jilly Hopke and Alejandra Anaya

Hair and Accessories

Fashion isn’t all about clothing and these geeky ladies showed off their style with creative accessories and gorgeous hair color.

Brittany Stapleton and Theresa Kapelski (@NerdGirlBritt and @tkapelski) Sheyne Fleischer (@SheyneF)

Images Credits (from left to right): Brittany Stapleton, Theresa Kapelski, and Sheyne Fleischer

Men’s Fashion

Last, but certainly not least, the men showed off their own style with vintage fashion, handmade pieces and everyday cosplay looks. After all, fashion isn’t just for female fans.

Corey Brotherson and Yomi Ayeni (@CoreyBrotherson and @yoms) Miguel Gonzalez(@twisting_minds) Thor Knai (@thorknai)

Images Credits (from left to right): Corey Brotherson, Yomi Ayeni, Miguel Gonzalez, and Thor Knai

There are many ways to wear your heart and sometimes fandom on your sleeve. While you were at Comic-Con this year, what were some of the geeky fashions that turned your head? Did you get any ideas of what you can wear everyday? Let us know down in the comments below and share your pictures with us on Instagram as well.

Image source: Dina Kampmeyer

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