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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Star Wars: The Force Awakens RPG

Fantasy Flight Games Announces Star Wars: The Force Awakens RPG

swr09_sample2If you’ve never tried Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars tabletop RPGs, then you’re missing out. The makers of the X-Wing Minatures Game also offers a line of official Star Wars roleplaying books that give players the opportunity to play a wide array of archetypes. Whether you want to be a rebel fighting for the Alliance, a tough-as-nails bounty hunter, or even a lightsaber swinging Jedi; you can make your dream a reality.

To celebrate May the Fourth, Fantasy Flight announced a new adventure module based on The Force Awakens is coming out in third quarter 2016. The learn-as-you-go box set includes a 32 page adventure book, a 48 page rulebook, pre-made character sheets, a full color map, custom dice, and tokens. Normally, their games are set during the original trilogy era, but this one is an exception. In Star Wars The Force Awakens Beginner Game, you and your crew travel to Jakku, a desert planet at the heart of one of the final battles of the Galactic Civil War. The Empire was defeated, and now their fallen ships lay in a wasteland of sun and sand, prime pickings for scavengers and thieves.

From Fantasy Flight Games:

In the adventure that comes with The Force Awakens Beginner Game, you and your friends will determine the fate of valuable secrets lost during the Battle of Jakku. When a band of nomads searching the wastes of Jakku came across a wrecked New Republic corvette, they accessed the remains of its central computer and found evidence of something extremely valuable hidden in a secret vault somewhere within the ship.

However, because the rumors of this secret spread quickly across the desert wastes, they have attracted the attention of the vicious Strus Clan who intend to claim the wreck and its secrets for themselves. Now, as they threaten violence against the nomads, you will determine the fate of a decades-old secret formerly coveted by both the New Republic and the Galactic Empire…


The game offers four pre-made characters: a pilot, a colonist, a soldier, and an explorer. This is great for new players or a short campaign, but a creative game master can certainly incorporate his or her players’ hand-made characters into the story. That’s kind of the great thing about roleplaying games. What I really like about this system in particular is the dice. Your rolls determine success or failure, and how potent they are. There’s less math involved in general, aside from combat damage rolls, which allows for more character and story-focused gameplay. The books and their expansions offer a wide array of character classes that allow for flexibility of having high or minimal combat. It all depends on the campaign you want to run.

If you want to learn more about Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars roleplaying system, check out my article on how to play. And for tips on creating characters, read my 5 Steps To Imbue Your RPG Characters With Personality To Spare and 5 More Master Tips To Infuse Your RPG Characters With Personality.

May the Force with be with you!

Have you tried out Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars RPGs? Tell us what you love about them in the comments!

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Image credits: Fantasy Flight Games

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