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Fantastic Star Wars Board Games for the Fan on your Gift List

Fantastic Star Wars Board Games for the Fan on your Gift List

Star Wars fans have suffered through a lot of drek when it comes to games. Far too often, someone buys the license and stuffs it on an inferior system to make some quick cash from fans and then scoot along. But those days have halted in recent years. We have some of the best Star Wars games in history readily available. And if you’ve got a Star Wars fan on your list, here are some great game gifts you should consider.

X-Wing Miniatures

x-wingOne of the most awesome aspects of Star Wars are the space battles. Individual pilots pour into small spacecraft and engage in daring dogfights for the fate of the galaxy. The Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game puts that experience on your tabletop as you control X-Wings and TIE Fighters dueling to the death.

Traditionally, miniature games have been fairly complicated. Lots of special rules and scenarios. But X-Wing eschews all of that and creates an understandable, easily learned, and enjoyable system anyone can simply jump into with friends. But although you can teach a new friend and be playing within just a few minutes, the beauty is that the game has a lot beneath the surface. As you incorporate more fighters, the bottom really drops out and you can create and customize ships until you have a strong fighting force tailored to your strengths as a player.

You can also get tons of ships from the original trilogy (including X,Y,A, and B Wings as well as TIE fighters, bombers, interceptors, and advanced), as well as stuff from the new series – like Poe Dameron’s X-Wing and the First Order’s TIE. For fans of the larger universe, there are tons of ships mentioned in books and comics that haven’t made it to the big screen.

Plus, if your giftee really enjoys the game, there is an almost endless supply of expansions available. That means you’ll have gifts for many birthdays and holidays to come.

Imperial Assault

imperial-assaultYou know what else is awesome about Star Wars? The ground fighting. Imperial storm troopers pour into rebel bases. Blasters fire everywhere as light saber burst into life. Imperial Assault allows you to duck around corners, blast your enemies, and even use the power of the dark side to bring your adversaries to heel.

Imperial Assault is a tactical miniatures game between Rebels and Empire. The rebels are stocked with troopers and can field Luke Skywalker. Meanwhile, the imperials are awash in stormtroopers and have their own Skywalker – Darth Vader. In the campaign mode, one player takes on the Empire and the rest control the forces of the rebellion through a series of scenarios that build on top of each other.

The game also has a skirmish mode allowing each side to bring in specific units of their choosing, customizing their armies, and then go head to head against one another. Plus, like X-Wing, there are plenty of expansion packs to add more iconic Star Wars characters to the battle. This makes future gift-giving easy.


rebellionYou know what is awesome about Star Wars? The global (or galactic) threat of the Empire as it draws nearer to crushing the Rebellion. The rebels, though constantly harried, nevertheless make heroic strikes against the imperials. And there’s a game that gives you the entire experience of the original trilogy in a single box: Star Wars: Rebellion.

One player takes control of the Rebels. They get a secret base hidden on the board. The other player is the Empire with near limitless military resources and one major agenda – find and destroy the rebel base. Meanwhile, the Rebel player can’t compete militarily, at least not in the long run. Their job is to harass and make targeted attacks on the Empire, eventually turning galactic sentiment against the imperials.

And the game is hands down, one of the best Star Wars experiences out there. It’s a little more complicated and a tad longer than the other two titles. But not so difficult that it can’t be enjoyed and loved right from the very first play. You’ll find yourself sending heroes on missions, avoiding the death star (or blowing it up), and evacuating the rebel base in the nick of time. It has all of the tension of the original trilogy and is just a solid game all around.

Which Star Wars games are on your wishlist?  Tell us about it in the comments.

Image Credits: Fantasy Flight Games

Featured Image Credits: Fantasy Flight Games

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