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Fans Break Kick-Ass Creator’s Website with Enthsiasm

Fans Break Kick-Ass Creator’s Website with Enthsiasm

What comic fan hasn’t dreamed of writing or drawing their own comic book?

Comic mogul Mark Millar decided to give fans a chance to do just that by putting together a contest where undiscovered talent could send him submissions, and he would publish the winners. He would even pay them! And fandom’s response was staggering.

By Monday, November 30th, the forums at Mark Millar’s website crashed under a blizzard of activity brought on by enthusiastic and hopeful creatives trying to submit their work to the Millarworld Annual Art & Writing Contest.

Mark Millar is the creator of awesome things you already love like The Ultimates, Taken, and Kick-Ass, and his fingerprints were all over The Avengers. Millar is now giving back to the comic community that has elevated him to its highest heights. The contest allowed undiscovered creatives a chance to play with iconic Millar characters. Artists submitted three sample pages, and writers sample scripts featuring characters such as Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, Eggsy, and, American Jesus. Winning creatives will have their work published in the 2016 Millarworld Annual, and be paid standard Marvel and DC rates.

Millar wrote on his website, “Comics has been really good to me and I want to do what I can with my limited time to give budding creators a wee chance too if they’re maybe unsure where to start.”

On November 30th, the deadline for the contest, the forums crashed under the weight of countless fans trying to download submissions materials. As of December 1st, Millar reported on Twitter that he had received over 1,200 submissions for the contest, and that the contest was extended to December 3rd.

To give you a measure of the comic talent waiting to be discovered, we have taken some of the most striking artist submissions from the contest, and posted them here for your enjoyment.

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