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Fan Fiction Starter Kit: Supernatural

Fan Fiction Starter Kit: Supernatural

Today, we’re giving you a chance at fame and fortune, or at least a couple of moments to stretch out your imagination. Think of this as your Fan Fiction Starter Kit. We provide you with the ingredients to get you over that fear of the blank page and you just have to find a way to top it off in the best way possible. Head on over to our forum section to post what you think should happen next in the story. If it’s good, we might even post it on the front page for other people to check out your literary prowess.

Some ground rules first. Keep it clean. Try to write this as though it would be on the show, movie, or in the book. Keep it in the realm of the source material, but have fun with it. And finally, proofread your work! Other people are going to be reading it so take a second to read it over.

Now you’re ready. We’re starting the first one off with a story we coerced out of one of our friends in the officeShe loves Supernatural, and we love Supernatural (and her), so it works out.

Supernatural Fan Fiction Starter: “Cheeseburger”

Castiel never thought about being this close to Dean before. You notice things you wouldn’t normally do so when your face hovers only an inch above someone else’s; how close did he shave this morning? Were his lips always that full? He could detect the unmistakable odor of pickles and grilled onions coming from Dean’s slightly part mouth. Castiel hesitated still, knowing what must be done.

The angel felt himself shaking. “What was this?” he thought to himself, “Love…? Fear…? Had the earth around them started to move?” And just like that, the answer came in one solid explosion. Their foreheads cracked together as Castiel toppled on the matted red carpet of the cheapest motel they could find at the time. As the angel came to, his vision fixed on Sam tossing everything out of upturned drawers.

“I know you’re out of juice, but making out with Dean isn’t quite what I had in mind when I said to take care of him.” Sam didn’t even miss a beat as he continued to search the hotel room with his brother lying seemingly unconscious on the floor. A small bruise was already starting to form on his forehead where they met.

“I was trying to give him CPR,” Castiel groaned.

“Drag him way from the windows and keep an eye out for my black bag.”

“I really think–” Glass exploded everywhere, showering the two in dust and streaks of blood.” –that moving him is an excellent idea. To the bathroom.”

In two quick strides, Sam was over Dean’s body and scooped him up under the arms while the angel scrambled for his legs. Another explosion nearly knocked them both off their feet, plaster raining down from the ceiling. The three of rocketed into the bathroom. BOOM! It must have been a direct hit. Sam kicked the bathroom door closed right as a cloud of smoke and debris billowed in. Whatever had been attacking the motel was now inside their room, or what remained of it.

Sam looked around as he tried to catch his breath; no windows, a toilet, and a shower with a curtain that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the set of Psycho. He maybe had thirty seconds to come up with a plan and forty-five seconds until that plan didn’t matter anymore. He needed more time to think.

Castiel cleared his throat. Sam shot him a look as the angel pulled back the curtain, a black duffle bag sitting in the tub.

A smile splits his face as yet another explosion rocked the room. “Now we can do something.”


Complete the rest of the story here in the comments, or head over to our Forums where you can check out what everyone is working on. Don’t be shy. The only way to become a famous author is to share your work.

Feature Image Credit: Warner Brothers Television/Comic Vine


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