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These Fan Comics Take The Force Awakens In Crazy New Directions

These Fan Comics Take The Force Awakens In Crazy New Directions

The outpouring of creativity surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens is vast and abundant, filled with alternate outcomes, parodies of popular theories, wish fulfillment, hilarious ‘what ifs,’ and more. The best fan art and fan comics are progressive and thoughtful, but also often silly and fun. The artists below celebrate what we love the most about The Force Awakens and the adventures of Rey, Finn, Poe, BB-8, and yes, even adorably angry Kylo Ren.

The Jar-Jar Binks Sith Theory Done Right

Artist Stephen Byrne takes a popular Star Wars theory regarding our “favorite” prequel character that surrounded The Force Awakens pre-release hype and gives it the proper treatment complete with plenty of nods to other fan obsessions as well.

By Stephen Byrne

Don’t Let Finn Be Misunderstood

The Force Awakens features Finn making attempts to protect Rey, but what if it wasn’t that simple? Artist RJ Pierce sheds Finn’s hand-grabbing in a new light.

By RJ Pierce

BB-8 Is Just Too Darn Cute Even For Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren and The First Order spent most of the film chasing the adorable new droid, BB-8. In Kadeart’s short comic, she shows that even if Kylo did capture BB-8, he might not have the heart to continue down his dark path.

By Kadeart

Quiet Reflection For Rey

Mingjue Helen Chen aka Jigokuen captures a brief, but powerful image of Rey sitting with BB-8. I can imagine Rey contemplating her place in the universe and how maybe she’s starting to get fed up with the unrelenting harshness of life on Jakku.

Mingjue Helen Chen aka Jigokuen

Chewbacca’s Choice

By now Tyson Murphy’s comic, “Ben,” has given many Star Wars fans intense feels and even caused a few to shed tears (okay, it was me). This fan comic feels essential. I’ll never look at that scene in The Force Awakens the same way again. Click over to Tyson’s page to see the full comic.

By Tyson Murphy

In Need Of A Name

The all-too-brief adventures of Poe and Finn has inspired a million ships, and consequently fan comics and fan art as well. Radio Proxy’s comic ruminates further on Poe’s naming of Finn that’s incredibly sweet.

By Radio Proxy

Rey Makes Do On Jakku

Abandoned on the harsh desert world of Jakku as a child, Rey knows a thing or two about survival. In Aly Flock’s cute collection of drawings, she shows a younger Rey finding ways to keep busy (and sane) while growing up alone.

by Aly Flock

Power Couple

One of the funnier one-liners in The Force Awakens came from the alien smuggler Maz Kanata played by Lupita Nyong’o insinuating that Chewbacca was her boyfriend, but joking aside, who wouldn’t want to see these two alien characters mix it up in one of the future sequels!? Froggiarti has a quick drawing of the pair and it’s great.

By Froggiarti

On Rey’s Mind

MJ Alexander aka Snartha gets to the heart on what was on every fan’s mind after Poe and Finn’s meeting. It seems Rey was thinking the same thing in this fangirlesque-reimagining of the mind-reading scene in The Force Awakens. Kylo Ren is a little disappointed, but we certainly are not.

By MJ Alexander aka Snartha

Kylo Ren Is Just Trying To Help

Although artist Dc9spot has been remaking The Force Awakens with a high school theme on their tumblr, this brief riff on Kylo Ren’s creepy attempt to convert Rey to the dark side is worth noting. Kylo’s insistence on Rey’s need for a teacher gets repeated again and again in increasingly flamboyant ways, much to her chagrin.

By Dc9spot


Sound off below who your OTP is in The Force Awakens! Do you believe Jar-Jar is truly a Sith Lord? Are there any other fan comics or fan art you are digging right now? Be sure to share it with us!

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