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Fan Art Gallery: Emmy Nominees for Best Drama Series

Fan Art Gallery: Emmy Nominees for Best Drama Series

The biggest awards in primetime television announced their nominees for Best Drama Series recently. The Emmys are held annually to recognize the best in television, but fan art for these outstanding shows are on a level of their own. So we’ve decided to round up some of the best fan art by the most ultra-talented artists out there, inspired by your favorite Emmy nominees.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul managed to live-up to the hype of being a spin-off of one of the most addictive shows of recent history earning 6 Emmy nominations in addition to Outstanding Drama Series. Breaking Bad‘s Saul Goodman (played by nominee Bob Odenkirk) looks reflective in this beautiful piece of fan art.


Image Credit: Marauder519/Deviant Art

Downton Abbey

While the drama upstairs in Downton Abbey is plenty to fill an hour, the staff living downstairs are what make the show truly special. Whether passing gossip or remaining a loyal influence, this piece of fan art focuses on the under-appreciated inhabitants of the house who we couldn’t imagine life without. And we wouldn’t be able to figure out how to put on those outfits without them either.


Image Credit: julepe/Deviant Art

Game of Thrones

As the most nominated (and pretty much the most awesome) show, Game of Thrones is nominated for acting, writing, directing, casting, cinematography and pretty much everything under the sun. This piece of fan art focuses on fan favorite Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons. Over the series her ability to control her “children” has wavered but I’ve always been in awe of their majesty—beautifully depicted in the art below.

Image Credit: Alicechan/Deviant Art


Claire Danes’ portrayal of Carrie Mathison in Homeland continues to be deserving of the myriad Emmy nominations she’s received over the past several years. The troubled character is depicted below, managing to convey the complexity of the character in the sketch. To me, the eyes say it all!


Image Credit: Caninos-Brancos / Deviant Art

House of Cards

With 11 Emmy nominations, House of Cards continues to broaden the definition of “television.” Its Netflix release scheduling and daring plot lines make it super bingeworthy. Frank Underwood’s warped view of democracy is what made me love the fan art below even more. The artist very intricately gives a new depiction of the character with stunning accuracy to distinct features. Two thumbs way up!


Image Credit: AnthonyGeoffroy / Deviant Art

Mad Men

This year we said goodbye to the outstanding Mad Men. The fan art below feels as if it could’ve actually been used in the show. Don Draper’s faceless figure blending in with the background and the smoke spelling out the title is a nice touch. The show earned 11 nominations including a nod for Jon Hamm as the complex Draper.


Image Credit: LillGrafo / Deviant Art

Orange is the New Black

The only of the drama nominees that could arguably also have been submitted as a comedy, Orange is the New Black is another Netflix series managing to blur the lines between what is considered TV. This fun piece of art seemed to capture some of the lighter parts of the show with two especially fun characters. I like the initial appearance of simplicity of the piece while it still clearly has a lot of detail. Look at those smiles though.


Image Credit: vampiriism / Deviant Art

What Emmy-nominated shows have you found awesome fan art of? Share with us in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Winderla/Deviant Art

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