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Fan Art Gallery: Dana Scully

Fan Art Gallery: Dana Scully

We all love the badass ladies who grace our TV (or computer) screens in some of our favorite crime shows. Dana Scully isn’t only the most bad-ass FBI agent ever, but also a critically important character in The X-Files. For years we’ve appreciated Scully’s ability to keep Mulder in line while spouting all kinds of brilliant medical analysis to help solve cases. Without Scully, the show simply would not have made it through 9 seasons. We need her to be rational when Mulder is at his peak crazy and not thinking clearly. She keeps him grounded while remaining loyal, even when she appears to disagree with him. It’s no wonder why Dana Scully has gained a huge number of fans since the show began in 1993.

And since we’re getting more of the series in 2016, let’s take a moment to celebrate everything Dana Scully. What better way to appreciate her than by checking out amazing fan art of the character, made by talented artists. Here are a few of our favorite pieces.

Okijnas / Deviant ArtImage Credit: Okijnas / Deviant Art

This detailed pencil sketch of Scully perfectly highlights the features of her face and hair while keeping everything a little rough and unpolished. Her expression, looking directly forward, is one of determination instead of fear or sadness as displayed in other pieces. This is a great depiction of badass Scully.

teenageSatanist / Deviant Art

Image Credit: teenageSatanist / Deviant Art

I love this take on Scully. It’s more modern than many others and takes Scully out of her typical FBI wares with bright glasses and giant earrings. Maybe she’s headed to the beach for a case or simply taking a day off. Scully is often very serious so seeing any kind of “casual Scully” is nice. Of course, she’s always looking towards the sky!

Check out the gallery below for a more Dana Scully fan art! Which do you like best?

Featured Image Credit: MirandaK91 / Deviant Art


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