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Family-Friendly D&D Shows to Binge On Your Holiday Trips

Family-Friendly D&D Shows to Binge On Your Holiday Trips

Maybe your kids are jealous that you get to watch Critical Role and they don’t. (Can you blame them?) Or maybe you’re on the hunt for a new adventure to get into before bed every night or on your next long road trip as a family. It sounds like you’re in need of a family-friendly D&D podcast or livestream! We have a list of three we think you and the kids will love to listen to together.

(And, of course, if you think Critical Role fits the bill just fine, we think that’s a great pick, too.)

d20 Dames

The five women of d20 Dames, shown above, share new all-ages adventures every other week. Kat Kruger is the DM of the sassy bunch, which includes a tiefling ranger, human monk, and half-elf warlock whose patron is the Raven Queen. The idea started with Kat and Jen Vaughn, Kat recalled in a recent interview. The Dames tend to solve problems more with their wits and diplomacy than with combat, but that doesn’t make them any less fierce.

Kat and the gang edit the podcast to remove some rolls and idle chatter that don’t affect the story, she said in the interview, making each episode streamlined and focused on the tale being told. This makes for shorter episodes, which you might appreciate before bedtime or if your kids’ attention spans likely won’t go beyond an hour.


And, if you like what you hear on d20 Dames, you and your kids can go on similar adventures yourselves thanks to Kat! Escape from the Fortress of Memories and other adventures are available for purchase from DMs Guild.

Fate and the Fablemaidens


Friends find fortune in Fate and the Fablemaidens. This actual-play podcast is split into episodes an hour or less in length, and each one begins with a helpful recap in case you and the kids aren’t marathoning one after another. In this story, set in the land of Alinoch, Fate (Renee Rhodes) is the adventurers’ DM. She guides a group that’s partly inspired by Lord of the Rings, but isn’t your typical adventuring party, comprised of a Changeling barbarian, gnome artificer, and halfling bard.

The adventuring trio sets out on an airship as a lark one fateful day, and finds much more than they bargained for.

Fate and the Fablemaidens‘ crew also recommends an adventure for all-ages gaming, An Ogre and His Cake:

Sirens of the Realms


Maze Arcana is a Twitch channel with multiple D&D groups and stories, all of which are family-friendly, including Sirens of the Realms with Satine Phoenix at the helm as Dungeon Master. If you’ve been looking for a longer length stream to watch together, this is the perfect place to start.

Sirens of the Realms is an all-girl bard band and friends, where we sing and play and go on adventures,” Satine says. The official D&D livestream takes place in Waterdeep and the surrounding lands of Faerûn, and follows the bards on their quest for fame and glory.

Sirens features familiar faces for Geek & Sundry fans; not only Satine, but you’ll see our friends Amy Vorpahl, Cynthia Marie, Krystina Arielle, and Jason Charles Miller regularly, along with guests like Ivan van Norman.

What family-friendly D&D podcasts or livestreams do you recommend? Tell us in the comments.


Featured Image: Wizards of the Coast/d20 Dames

Illustration: Jen Vaughn (Trouble at Tresendar Manor)

Other Images: Fate and the Fablemaidens and Maze Arcana

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