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Fall TV Line-Up: Sci-fi/Horror Edition

Fall TV Line-Up: Sci-fi/Horror Edition

This week, we’re scared to death pondering the mind-bending, thrilling, and hopefully, frightening television shows coming to your viewing devices really soon. Alas, there are too many to list, so we had a precog use a Ouija board to divine the ones we want to see the most.

Our picks for the very near future…


Image Credit: AMC Television

Soon, the time will come to bid farewell to the Los Angeles based Fear the Walking Dead. Six episodes is too short of a season, right?

Then again, that’s the same number AMC ordered for their first adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s undead comic book. Turns out AMC’s mega hit series just won’t die (at least not anytime soon). Expect ratings to be broken once again as the living tune in to see how Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) figures out how to run Alexandria, if that is indeed what’s going  to happen. We’re just happy that Morgan (Lennie James) finally caught up with the rest of the gang. Only took six seasons.


Image Credit: FX Television

Ryan Murphy’s anthology horror series left viewers a little confused with last year’s Freak Show, but not in a good way. We adore Jessica Lange, but singing pop songs isn’t the best use of her awesomeness. For this season, the cast is strong, with AHS alums Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett returning. All eyes will be on Lady Gaga as Countess Elizabeth, the owner of the titular Hotel Cortez. A few years back Gaga impressed on SNL, but can she really act? Regardless, we’re sure her outfits will be monster worthy.


If you’re tired of getting creeped out on AHS,  and you’re looking for old school slasher fun, checkout the brand new series Scream Queens. This looks to be more Scream than the MTV show of the same name. Emma Roberts plays Queen Bee sorority girl from hell, Chanel Oberlin, while Glee’s Lea Michele plays Hester, a girl who would still attract the wrath of thrown slushies. (Leave her alone, Chanel! She’s gotta a neck brace!) With pop diva Ariana Grande starring as Chanel #2, will the writers come up with something scarier than licking doughnuts? The cast includes: Abigail Breslin, Nasim Padrad, Nick Jonas, and scream queen legend Jamie Lee Curtis as the school’s Dean, so we’re expecting a wickedly fun time.


Image Credit: Fox Television

Once again (if you read my last Fall TV post) I lucked out and saw the pilot, which was so-so. I liked the idea of continuing the story a few years after the Spielberg-directed film from 2002, but wished the show had the same edge. The production design is close, but the tone feels too light, too pre-crime-of-the-week. Still, it’s only a pilot and the cast is certainly likeable. Meagan Goode (Think Like A Man Too) has just enough charm as detective Lara Vega to balance the too self-conscious weirdness of pre-cog on the run Dash (Stark Sands, from Inside Llewyn Davis). Here’s hoping we all ‘see’ a good first season in the future.


Image Credit: CBS Television

Yet another hit-film-turned-series. This Limitless doesn’t star Bradley Cooper, but rather the just-as-handsome Jake McDorman (American Sniper which also starred Cooper). Taking place after the events of the film, Brian Finch (McDorman) discovers the power of a mysterious drug which increases his IQ and gives him perfect memory of everything he’s ever read, heard, or seen. As long as co-star Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) gets to yell obscenities at him we’re in.

Our craving for fresh kills, rotten flesh, and smart drugs are just getting started.

Did we forget to mention the sci-fi or horror series that you’re dying to watch? Let us know in the comments! We’re going to assume if you are still a fan of the residents of Mystic Falls, you’re anxious for another bite of The Vampire Diaries. There’s also a new season of the spin-off, The Originals. And don’t forget the final bow of the low-rated, but fan-adored Continuum

Image Credits: FX; AMC; FX; Fox; Fox; CBS

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