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Expanding Gotham: 5 Characters We Want to See Join the Show

Expanding Gotham: 5 Characters We Want to See Join the Show

In case you haven’t caught on to the obsession around Fox’s Gotham, we apologize for this article. But if you’re one of the many dedicated fans of this great new TV show, this one’s for you. Gotham is a brand new, reimagining of the classic Batman story we all hold so dear to our hearts. For purists, any inkling of the term “reimagining” immediately leads to them wanting to hate Gotham. It’s understandable. When you love something so much, it’s hard to see it translated differently from the incarnations we’re so used to seeing.

But these should be times of creative acceptance, and modern interpretation should at least be considered by comic book lovers. After all, the caricature-esque characters we know so well are still there, so Gotham feels right at home in the DC pantheon. The show ended last season on a major high note, with characters like Mr. Freeze, Hugo Strange, and others making their introduction to the show. Naturally this got us thinking about what other Batman characters could fit into the series.

killer croc

Killer Croc

You’ve already got The Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler, and Two Face on the chess board, so why not add our crocodilian friend, too? As most fans will tell you, Killer Croc, a.k.a. Waylon Jones, has been origin story’d in a whole host of ways. In the animated series, Killer Croc was more of a gray humanoid—far less reptilian looking than other versions. This interpretation would likely fit well with the smaller budget of a TV series (and the makeup would be a lot easier). Of course, the larger-than-life version gamers will recognize from the Arkham series would also be amazing. Sure it might be tough, but hey, The Flash tackled Gorilla Grodd with flying colors, so we have hope it can be done. Lastly, we have the Suicide Squad version of Croc. Far more on the humanoid side—but definitely a bit reptilian with the scales and pigmentation—this one could be the “just right” iteration from the series. Then again, if Gotham ever decides to bring Killer Croc to life, odds are they’ll stick with what they do best: surprising us with an interpretation that we had never thought of before.


Kate Kane/Batwoman

Now before you charge at us with pitchforks, hear this one out. Sure, you all are probably thinking we’re crazy for imagining a world wherein Batman isn’t the first vigilante bat “person” in Gotham City, but this one could work. Kate Kane—unlike many of the other Batman protégés—was never a sidekick or a pupil of the Dark Knight. In fact, in the comics, she took up the mantle during Batman’s absence following Infinite Crisis. Given that Gotham has delved into embracing the LBGT community, Kate Kane—one of DC’s most prominent lesbian characters—would make for an awesome addition, gay female vigilante style. And why should Gotham have a problem with a woman being the first to wear the bat cowl, anyway? Heck, if we could get a spin-off out of it—similar to what the CW has been so successfully doing—we’d be even more pleased.


Bilal Asselah/Nightrunner

Again, give us some wiggle room here when it comes to the timeline, but we think it would be great to introduce Bilal Asselah to the world of Gotham, as either a guest or series regular. While dedicated Batman readers know full well who Nightrunner is, you might not. Quite simply, he’s the Batman who prowls the dark suburbs of Paris. An Algerian French Muslim with a thirst for vengeance, maybe he could be introduced as an exchange student, or if that’s too cheesy, a stowaway. The idea of having a French Muslim represented on a mainstream television program seems too intriguing to pass up. And with all of the villains seemingly piling up in the back alleys of Gotham, Jim Gordon’s going to start needing all the vigilante help he can get.



Here’s one character, in our opinion, who would be a perfect fit for Gotham. Since Thomas Elliot is actually a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, it makes perfect sense for him to be introduced to the story at this early point in the show’s run, especially as a foil to young Bruce. As Thomas slips deeper and deeper into insanity, he adopts the persona “Hush,” using his surgical education to create and manipulate his own and the appearances of others as a way to trick Batman and the other villains in Gotham. He’s one of the darker, more complex villains in the Batman repertoire—and it’s as good a time as any to bring him to live-action.

ace the bat hound

Ace, the Bat Hound

Every boy needs his dog, and perhaps no one moreso than young Bruce Wayne. Ace’s presence in Batman comics and the media has been pretty scarce over the years, but we think it could really work on Gotham. Since you can’t bring a young Dick Grayson or child prodigy into Wayne Manor just yet, why not give Bruce and Alfred a little company in the form of a furry yet protective pet? Ace’s strength, loyalty, and dedication to his caretakers was always his greatest quality in the comics, so suit him up with some high-tech gadgetry and bring out his brute strength as a German Shepard! While we don’t see the writers at Gotham taking things that far per se, we do think giving Bruce a dog might allow him more a bit emotional growth and responsibility. Lately he’s had trouble managing the anger and confusion within, so a dog might be a great way to comfort those feelings.

Regardless of how well you feel Gotham is bringing the world of Batman and Commissioner Gordon to life, the fact is that the writers, cast, and crew have done an incredible job of putting their own unique spin on things. For us fans, the future is looking bright with the possibility of more new and exciting characters. In the meantime, we’ll be watching…and waiting.

Image Credits: FOX; DC Comics

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