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EXCLUSIVE: Watch Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson Discuss TOMORROWLAND’s Science

If you had the capacity to build the sort of future you wanted, what would you invent? That’s the question at the heart of Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson’s chat with GE and Fullscreen’s “Creator-in-Residence,” YouTuber Sally Le Page on StarTalk. And we’ve got the exclusive first look at the episode just for you! Who loves ya more than Geek & Sundry, my babies? (The answer is NO ONE, obviously.)

Taking a look at the science behind the world of Tomorrowland is a complicated, theoretical journey, best dissected with brilliant minds like the three above. We’ve seen Tomorrowland and can say with utmost certainty that there’s a lot of serious science holding up the film’s core story points. And while the trio has yet to see the film they’re discussing, the inventions the future would might need is certainly an exciting conversation worth having.

In order to event the world we need/want/deserve, everyone has to agree that a better tomorrow is what we want. Be it a cheap and effective way to desalinate water, heated city streets and sidewalks, a future without cars but with better public transportation, wind energy, better batteries, or something more — none of it is possible without the world’s citizens all getting on the same page about a need for a better, brighter future that’s good for the Earth.

Personally, we’re super on board with Nye’s world wants: “A clean city for everyone with resilient dance floors.”

It’s 21 minutes long but worth watching in full if for nothing more than Bill Nye trying to speak to aliens with sound waves …from his mouth.

What would YOU build in your better tomorrow? Let’s hear it in the comments.

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