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PREVIEW: Upcoming ‘Star Trek Adventures’ Miniatures & Supplements

If you love Star Trek, roleplaying games, or our Star Trek Adventures RPG show Shield of Tomorrow (or all three), the latest announcement from Modiphius is sure to excite you. Wave 2 products for Star Trek Adventures, their Star Trek RPG is promising supplements and miniatures for fans to enhance their gaming experience.

To start off,  Star Trek Adventures players and GMs will appreciate how the two new supplements, The Command Division Supplemental Rulebook and the Beta Quadrant Sourcebook expand the game and capture the universe more comprehensively.

Wave 2 Supplements

The Command Division Supplemental Rulebook is packed full of information for players and GMs, with a focus on Starfleet Command and the Admiralty, as well as expanding Social Conflict rules. After all, being brought in front of a table of Admirals, and being slightly insubordinate to them, is as much a part of the universe as holodeck and transporter malfunctions. There are more talents for the Command and Conn Disciplines, as well as a list of departments related to Focuses. Moreover, there are new starships, including the NX class, Oberth class, Ambassador class, Nebula class, and the Steamrunner class.  (Keep an eye out for our full breakdown of this supplement in our exclusive overview, coming soon.)

The Beta Quadrant Sourcebook provides a significant amount of historical information on the Federation and its planets in the Beta Quadrant, as well as the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, The Gorn, and the Orion Syndicate. It will also offer players new alien species to choose from during character creation, from Benzites and Klingons, to Deltans, the Xindi, and Zakdorn. Additional NPC starships mean Gamemasters can bring more ships, such as the mighty Klingon Negh’Var battlecruiser or the Romulan Bird Of Prey from the 22nd century into their games.

Beyond the supplements, Modiphius is also releasing sets of miniatures. Whether you’re a player or collector, the sculpts are enticing and dynamic. The two 10-model sets are The Borg set and the Next Generation Away Team set – 32mm scale and cast in resin.  The Next Generation Away Team set includes male and female figures of humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites, and Denobulans. The Borg set is comprised of 5 female and 5 male miniatures (though there are only a total of 6 unique sculpts in the set.) You can check out individual shots of the miniatures in the gallery below.

 All the products previewed are available for pre-order through Modiphius and will be available this summer at reputable retailers. Want to try to play Star Trek Adventures? Download and play the free quickstart guide from Modiphius’ site.

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Image Credits: Modiphius/Star Trek/CBS


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