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Exclusive Preview Of The Guild’s New Deluxe Edition Comic

Exclusive Preview Of The Guild’s New Deluxe Edition Comic

It’s been over four years since Geek and Sundry founder Felicia Day brought her signature web series, The Guild, to an end. However, it may soon be time to revisit “the Game.” This summer, Dark Horse Comics is releasing a hardcover collection of The Guild comic books, and it will feature brand new stories that have never been seen before!

Via ICv2, Dark Horse is unveiling The Guild Library Edition Vol. 1, which is the same hardcover format that the company has given Hellboy and other prominent titles. Among the comics included in this edition are the three-issue miniseries written by Day and illustrated by Jim Rugg that focused on the beloved protagonist of the webseries, Cyd Sherman, before she became Codex in the Knights of Good. The one-shots focusing on Vork, Tink, Bladezz, Clara, and Zaboo are also being reprinted in this hardcover, in addition to the short story written by Felicia and drawn by Jonathan Case for Free Comic Book Day. Wil Wheaton’s Fawkes one-shot is also in the book.

However, the most exciting part of this announcement is that artists  Mike Norton, Francesco Francavilla, and Naomi Franquiz will contribute 34 pages of new comic book stories about The Guild, which Felicia wrote.

By the looks of it, there’s definitely some violence directed at Fawkes in the new pages.


You can check out the full exclusive pages from the deluxe edition in the gallery below. With The Guild celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, it’s the perfect way to reminisce and revisit the characters we love. The Guild Library Edition Vol. 1 will be released on July 19, and it will retail for $49.99.

Are you excited to read the new Guild adventures in this hardcover edition? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image Credits: Dark Horse Comics


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