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Everything You Need to Know About Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Everything You Need to Know About Marvel’s Jessica Jones

In perhaps one of the most anticipated new shows of the Fall, Jessica Jones will become Marvel’s first female-led superhero show. With a dark, noir tone, the show follows Jessica after she has abandoned her superhero alter-ego, Jewel. Jessica becomes a private investigator working on cases involving people with unusual abilities. Check out the basics you need to know below.

The Story

The 13 episode first season takes place in the same universe as Daredevil and may have appearances from characters in that series. Jessica Jones examines Jessica’s life as an old enemy makes a reappearance. Kilgrave (David Tennant) comes into town seeking to use his powers to control Jessica once again. His abilities allow him to convince anyone to do almost anything, making him a dangerous foe. This brings back a lot of Jessica’s issues and impacts her new life as a private investigator.

The Characters

Jessica Jones – Krysten Ritter

jessica jones

Jessica suffers from PTSD, which stems from the situations she encountered as a superhero–including many associated with Kilgrave. Now that she’s left the masked life, she has decided to open a detective agency. Jessica focuses on her clients and making it through the week rather than trying to “save the city,” like many other superheroes of the Marvel Universe. Played by the brilliant Krysten Ritter, she’s snarky and rough around the edges compared to the traditional superhero.

Luke Cage – Mike Colter


Luke Cage has a deep history with Jessica Jones. He’s quiet and mysterious but plays an important part in Jessica’s life. With a dark past and a future in his own series coming to Netflix, Luke Cage is one of the most interesting pieces of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it moves forward.

Trish “Patsy” Walker – Rachael Taylor

trish walker

Trish is Jessica’s best friend and plays an important role in showing a complex female friendship on the show. Not only do the two characters have a long history, but they approach issues from unique perspectives. It’s important for Jessica to have a friend to depend on, but who is also willing to stand up to her. The depiction of their friendship could be one of the most interesting parts of the show.

Jeri Hogarth – Carrie-Anne Moss

In the comics, Carrie-Ann Moss’ character was a male but for the Netflix series the high-powered attorney who hires Jessica for difficult cases is now a female. Like Luke Cage, Jeri is a potential ally to Jessica if she’s willing to let her be.

Kilgrave – David Tennant

david tennant kilgrave

David Tennant’s character, Kilgrave (also known as the Purple Man), is a creepy villain. In order to accomplish his devious plans, Kilgrave uses his power to control those around him. Because of his dark history with Jessica, Kilgrave is able to impact her more greatly than others, causing her to make plenty of questionable decisions throughout the series. Just remember he’s the bad guy, even though he’s David Tennant!

What to expect

While Jessica’s history in the Marvel comics includes interacting with S.H.I.E.L.D., The Avengers, X-Men, Ms. Marvel and many more, I’m not expecting to see any of them in this series. However, there will be crossovers with members of Marvel’s Daredevil. With Kilgrave in the picture messing with her psychologically, we can expect Jessica to make some pretty terrible decisions personally and professionally. While we like to assume that good and evil are always pretty obvious, I have a feeling there will be many times in this series where the lines of right and wrong are pretty blurred.

Jessica Jones will be available for you to binge-watch on Netflix on November 20, 2015.

What are you hoping to see happen on Jessica Jones?

Image Credits: Marvel’s Jessica Jones / Facebook

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