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Everything We Know about Captain America: Civil War – Character Breakdowns

Everything We Know about Captain America: Civil War – Character Breakdowns

With all of the Captain America: Civil War hysteria, it’s easy to lose track of what we actually know about the upcoming film. Luckily, SlashFilm interviewed Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Chris Evans (Captain America), and Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) on the set of Captain America: Civil War to get the lowdown. Here are some things we learned from the extensive interviews.


Black Panther

As we prepare for Captain America: Civil War and the return of many favorites, the introduction of Black Panther to the mix has brought up more questions concerning not only this film but upcoming films in the universe. During SlashFilm’s conversation with Chadwick Boseman who plays Black Panther, we learned a bit about what we can expect to see (and not see) in Civil War.

  • Captain America: Civil War is not an origin story for Black Panther. He’s getting his own movie in 2018, so for now, he’s just getting thrown into the world with the rest of the Avengers!
  • Black Panther is the ruler of a country, so his main concern in all of this are his people. He’s able to see both sides of the “war” between Tony and Captain America while also keeping in mind how to best serve his people.
  • Chadwick dove deep into the Black Panther comics and researched countries similar to the fictional one he rules. He’s very dedicated to his character!
  • The Black Panther costume is apparently ridiculously hot, but really neat-looking. Apparently some people were teary-eyed on set when he first appeared on set.
  • As far as the upcoming Black Panther movie, Chadwick says anything is possible! No spoilers here.



Iron Man

In Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark continued his transformation from irresponsible billionaire to over-responsible billionaire. SlashFilm sat down with the one and only Robert Downey, Jr. (RDJ) to discuss Iron Man’s role in Captain America: Civil War and here are a few things we learned.

  • RDJ thinks it makes total sense that Tony might realize that some superhero supervision is needed. This fits into Tony’s continual realization that he really can’t control everything despite his best efforts.
  • Captain America: Civil War isn’t about the politics, but instead focuses more on the characters motivations for their beliefs.
  • RDJ wants Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) to have a bigger role in this film. Don’t we all? Tony leans on his relationships with Pepper and Rhodey (Don Cheadle) so these are important pieces of his character.
  • Don’t worry, Iron Man plays a central role in the conflict of the film, but the film is most certainly driven by Captain America.
  • RDJ says Marvel is handling the whole universe well as far as decision-making and letting the actors take some ownership in their characters.


Falcon appeared in Captain America: Winter Soldier and had a small appearance at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. And Anthony Mackie’s back in Captain America: Civil War. So what can we expect from Falcon? Here are a few things we learned.

  • In Captain America: Civil War, we learn more about how Falcon feels joining the Avengers–because it’s a pretty overwhelming team to join!
  • The Avengers aren’t run by a hierarchy, so everyone on the team gets an opinion. #teamwork
  • Don’t worry, Captain America and Falcon are still buddies in Captain America: Civil War.
  • Everyone gets costume upgrades thanks to Tony Stark!
  • It’s not about everyone else choosing between Tony and Steve, it’s more of everyone watching the conflict unfold between them and rooting for them both.


Captain America

SlashFilm sat down with Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan to chat about everything Captain America–from The First Avenger to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Here are a few details we picked up!

  • Civil War will be tonally similar to Winter Soldier and the relationship between Bucky and Cap is central in the film.
  • We find Bucky where he was after the post-credits scene of Winter Soldier, and Sebastian Stan stresses that we keep thinking about that scene!
  • In Civil War, the struggle stems from the fact that there are logical arguments for both sides, thus no clear “bad guy.” Cap and Tony just have different ways of accomplishing similar goals, which causes friction.
  • Bucky is coming into his own after being brainwashed and for the first time having his own thoughts. He has to reconcile who he is now with his past.
  • Chris Evans mentioned there are a few great Cap and Black Widow friendship scenes in Captain America: Civil War and everyone just got really excited again!


Make sure you check out the full interviews on SlashFilm and start counting down the days until Captain America: Civil War is released!

What are you most excited to see in Captain America: Civil War? Let us know in the comments!

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