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Everyday Cosplay Ideas for ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’

Everyday Cosplay Ideas for ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’

I love cosplay. Creating costumes based on characters from television, film, and video games tests our ingenuity, skill, and attention to detail. Some of the most epic costumes take months to complete as creators craft patterns, mold thermoplastic, install LEDs, and hot glue just about everything. All that effort can be breath-taking, but sometimes you just don’t have time or maybe you want to cosplay your way through a work day. That’s where casual cosplay comes in. Using everyday clothes you can dress in a way that evokes the spirit of the characters you love.

Next week on Game Engine, Erika and Trish will be hanging out with the good folks at Naughty Dog to talk about their recent release Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The main characters, Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, wear common clothes making them perfect subjects for casual cosplay. The looks below are just some suggestions to get you started and are all items that you can easily find on Amazon or your local clothing store.

Chloe Frazer

chloecosplayChloe’s a badass adventurer scouring the Western Ghats of India to find the long lost tusk of Ganesh, a treasure that her father had become obsessed with and eventually led to his untimely demise. Running around ancient ruins and jungles is dirty work, so Chloe has donned a pair of comfy jeans and a v-neck red t-shirt. My favorite piece of this outfit is her leather hip bag. Forget fanny-packs. I want to wear one of these everywhere even when I’m not cosplaying!

Nadine Ross

Nadine is the former leader of Shoreline, a paramilitary organization, and accompanies Chloe as a mercenary for hire. She’s a tough fighter and a crack shot, so being able to move is essential. A pair of green cargo pants with a blue scoop neck t-shirt work as a nice base, but don’t forget the little details like her watch, belt, and a scrunchie to pull your hair back.



For the men, we have the mysterious Asav. While he might disdain Chloe for being what he sees as a thief, he is a bit of a hypocrite, selling off artifacts to the military himself. Whatever he considers himself aside, Asav has an educated air about him that you can pick up by getting a pair of prescriptionless glasses. Glasses always seem to make people look smart right? Slap on a jean shirt, some cargo pants, and a nice watch and you’re ready to go hunt some antiquities!

As an added bonus, if you are lacking a beard you can always pick up a fake (totally realistic looking) one…


Games set in the real world/modern day are rife with opportunities to casual cosplay. With some imagination, you can come up with some really clever looks that will show off your chosen character’s unique style. If you want to learn more about  Uncharted: The Lost Legacy check out next weeks’ Game Engine on Twitch Tuesday at 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Pacific.

What casual cosplays do you want to do? What’s the most outrageous character you’ve ever casual cosplayed? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credits: Amazon, Naughty Dog

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