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Enjoying Sagas of Sundry? Catch Up on Adventure that Inspired It All!
Sagas of SundrySagas of Sundry

Enjoying Sagas of Sundry? Catch Up on Adventure that Inspired It All!

Welcome travelers to the Dread tale that started it all. Back on International Tabletop Day, five players took their seats around the campfire to tell a tale of mystery, horror, and of suspense as players pulled each block from the tower. We’ve already told you a little bit about the game, but here is your chance to catch up with the story that inspired Sagas of Sundry, now playing on Alpha with new shows every Thursday. Watch, read, or simply jump into the fray as our heroes revisit the mystery.

Jump in now with a free 30-day membership to check out Sagas of Sundry as well as many other great shows you can check out now.

Five friends, Kayden (Taliesin Jaffe), Sat (Satine Phoenix), Darby (Amy Vorpahl), Raina (Amy Dallen) and Tanner (Matt Mercer) decided to celebrate graduating high school as the class of 1986 by taking a relaxing weekend trip into the beautiful mountains of New Mexico. The five kids were tight. A family really, but what they found in the mountains would test every bond they had.

The state park was closed down for some reason, but no matter. Sat interned with the Bureau of Land Management, and had a map that would lead them to an old research station where they could spend the night. Walking in the faint light of the setting sun, the five friends started to see things. Strange lights glowed in the distance. The map said there should be nothing out there but trees and coyotes, but the lights glowed on, no matter what the map said.

There was a smell too. Like copper. Or was it blood?

And what was that cracking through the brush? It got louder and louder until a brown hart burst out onto their trail.

Tanner said, “Well, I’m awake.”

And Sat replied, “If a hart crosses your path, that’s good luck.”

The five marched on to the cabin, and discovered that the research station was not mothballed as they expected, but in ruins. There was fire damage, a cave-in, and a hole in the floor which revealed an underground passage. Now thoroughly freaked out, Tanner tried to encourage the group. He said, “You know the Roswell event happened near here, and the government said that was all just swamp gas. Maybe the weird light was just something natural…”


A prospector, Jim, joined the five friends. He told them that he’d been mining these hills for gold these past 20 years, and that the official story about the research station being damaged by a brush fire was all hogwash. That fire started inside the research station. But what started it, and why, Jim couldn’t tell.

Sat, to memorialize their trip, climbed a tree to carve their names in the bark where a bear can’t scratch them off. “No making out with the trees!” said Raina as Sat climbed.

Sat said, “There are some very slutty trees.”

Meanwhile, Tanner jumped into the hole in the floor of the research station. He explored, and found steps leading down. Dirt steps. And from the scratches on the side of the passage, it looked like something burrowed its way up into the cabin…

When Tanner returned, he found everyone collected in the research station. Suddenly, a gigantic form with huge arcing horns strode through the door. It stood there, half-man, half-animal, but all vileness, and laughed. When it laughed, it sounded like it was trying to imitate Satine. The thing then disappeared, but not before Tanner had time to take a picture of it.

His camera began spitting out film, and then burst into flame.

Kayden, thinking fast, kicked it down the hole.

Exhausted and afraid, the friends spent a restless night at the research station.

In the cold light of morning, it seemed like all of it, the lights, the thing in the doorway, must have been a bad dream. Swamp gas inhalation perhaps?

But what about Tanner’s camera? It was indeed gone, and kicked down the cave. The only way to know if this was all real would be to go look for the camera, and that meant going down into the cave…

Readying their maglites, they descended.

The passage led them down, down, down into the heart of the mountains. When they emerged into a cavern, Sat said, “This is like that game the kids are playing where they explore and there’s dragons and monsters and stuff.”

“I hate the kids who play that game,” said Darby.

And there was no camera to be found anywhere.

Sat led the friends onward, finding the roots of a tree dangling down into the passage. As she passed under it, the earth began to shake. It looked like the roots themselves were moving, shaking, twisting towards her. She was covered to the waist in dirt and rock before three friends pulled her out, and the shaking subsided.

Did they imagine that? Did that really just happen? Should they go on?

Pooh-poohing any supernatural explanation, Darby said, “It’s a load bearing tree.”

Sat, despite nearly being buried, agreed. “It’s the 80’s. We’re in a tunnel. What can go wrong?”

And so they pressed on.


The tunnel continued winding down. Veins of coal lined the walls of the passage, and iron tracks began running down the center of the path. They were in a mine! But strangely there were a number of side shafts closed with boards, iron bars, and chains. Weirder yet, the chains were locked from the inside.

The coppery smell of blood returned. Kayden found an alcove lined with bizarre geometrical symbols. Animal bones hung by catgut from the ceiling. And there was a leather-bound journal, beside a lump of gold.

The journal was mostly drawings, but drawings that told a story he could follow. It was the tale of a dark animal intelligence that discovered humanity, studied it, and decided to shape itself like a man. And when this imitation failed, the animal-thing decided it would destroy what it could not become. And the last three pages held crude images of  Kayden’s face, Sat’s face, and Darby’s face. Below was written, “Ech, ech, ech, ech, ech, ech” as if an animal transcribed the sound it would make when it tried to laugh.

Beyond freaked out, Tanner took a Polaroid, and its flash revealed an 8 foot tall beast that walked like a man standing in the passage with them. It said in Sat’s voice, “Hello friends!” as it shot its claws out towards Kayden’s face.

Too fast for the thing, Kayden pummeled its gut with his maglite. The thing doubled over in pain.

Darby found a pickaxe, and began banging on a load-bearing support. She said, “Run away! I’ll collapse the mine.”

And her friends ran, except for Raina who said, “I’m not leaving you!”

The roof of the mine fell in a shower of rock and dirt. But the thing sprang out of the way, knocked to the ground, but far from dead.

So Raina and Darby turned to follow the others deeper into the mine.

Catching up to them soon after, the thing’s eyes burned red in the darkness. It grabbed for Raina, tearing through the back of her shirt.

Tanner found an abandoned elevator shaft. The friends boosted each other up to grab the bottom of a broken ladder, hoping it would lead to the surface. Tanner said as he helped Kayden up, “I should have done more PE!”

They saw light peeking through a boarded-up mine entrance. They ran for it, and began desperately trying to pull off the boards and get out. But the thing found them before they could get away.

It grabbed Sat by the neck, but she wriggled free. Tired of running, Tanner threw a lantern at it. The lantern set the floor of the tunnel ablaze, and the thing wheezed and wailed, afraid to cross the fire to chase them.

Kayden charged it with a bottle of whisky, smashing it over the thing’s head, and then cutting its throat open with the sharp shards.

The thing gobbled there, and died, while the five friends escaped into the sunlight.

What adventures will Kayden, Tanner, Sat, Darby, and Raina get up to next? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by watching Sagas of Sundry?


What do you find so enjoyable about the Sagas of Sundry crew? Let us know below!

Feature image courtesy Geek & Sundry.


Ben Riggs speaks five languages and has lived in four countries on three continents, but still manages to lose his keys in the bathroom. A friend to man, animal, and werewolf alike, you can discover more of Ben’s thoughts on game, the universe, and everything on Twitter, or on the Plot Points podcast. He is also the liberal voice on Across the Aisle, a podcast where a liberal and conservative work together to solve the 21st century’s problems. 

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