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Dream Cast: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Dream Cast: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Nerdist posted an article listing five classic Disney cartoons they would love to see made into live-action films, Cinderella-style. While I totally agreed with their picks, I kind of went a bit overboard and decided to offer my dream casting suggestions to all five films they listed. I recently told you guys my picks for a live-action version of The Little MermaidHere are my picks for a live-action casting of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

Isabelle Fuhrman as Snow White:
Despite being most known for her more evil roles in Orphan and The Hunger Games, Isabelle’s definitely got the Snow White’s look of dark hair and porcelain skin down pat. She’d be able to play the Disney princess role well–and maybe bring a bit of bite to the normally quiet and gentle character of Snow White.

Nicholas Hoult as the Prince
One of the things I noticed while casting this is how similar Nicholas Hoult actually looks to the Prince from the original cartoon. However, I’m picking Hoult for this role for more reasons than his physical appearance. I love watching him onscreen, and he’s just so inherently likeable that he’d be the perfect Prince for Snow. Besides, Nicholas Hoult can make us fall in love with him even when he’s undead, I think that’s prince material.

Evan Rachel Wood as the Evil Queen
Evan Rachel Wood’s role in True Blood showed that she has got that scary/sexy villain down pat. She has got some hilarious, razor sharp wit that could bring a bit of evil fun to the role. She’d bring believably to her role as the Evil Queen, and I also think she’d do a hilarious job when disguising herself as the old hag to poison Snow.

Bryan Cranston as Grumpy 
Bryan Cranston is an incredibly versatile actor. He was hilariously ridiculous as the father on Malcolm in the Middle, yet he was able to believably play a teacher turned meth-cooking super-criminal in Breaking Bad. I feel like Grumpy is somewhere in the middle of Malcolm’s dad ridiculous goofiness and Walter White’s criminal practices and general sour attitude. Let’s just make sure someone else handles the cooking.

Tony Hale as Bashful 
Tony Hale is one of my favorite people to watch, and I’m perfectly comfortable admitting it’s because I love Buster Bluth so very much. Though Hale has played a litany of other roles, he does pull off shy and awkward characters off so incredibly well. Really, I can’t think of anyone else better to play Bashful? After all, you always know a Milford man…

Who would you cast in a live action version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to stick around to see our other dream casts for classic Disney cartoons!

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