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Dread Episode 3 Recap: The Monster That Looks Like You
Sagas of SundrySagas of Sundry

Dread Episode 3 Recap: The Monster That Looks Like You

In Episode 3 of Sagas of Sundry: Dread, our heroes confront the thing in the farmhouse and find new horrors under the ground.

When last we left our heroes, they had discovered a cache of photographs of dead children, and then something broke into the house they were searching. It sounded like a rough beast, stomping about and yelling in and deep and booming voice for its mother.

As they listen to the thing stomp through the house yelling, “Mom! Where are you mom?!” our heroes take cover, Satine hiding behind the Raina and Darbydoor and Tanner wisely extinguishing the light from the lantern.

Rapidly, they try to open a door locked by some sort of code, hoping to escape the thing they hear stomping through the house.


They get the door open, and flee into what appears at first to be an abandoned bedroom. There is a bed, a dresser, and a rocking chair. However, the rocking chair is not empty. It slowly moves back and forth. A darkly veiled woman sits in the chair, and a voice says, and a voice says, “Simon? He wants you in here Simon. There are people here Simon…”

The stomping thing runs to the room and opens the door. Revealed is a man, but dressed in children’s clothing. He says, “Mom…?”

Darby acts to defend her friends, and smacks him with the leg of the bed. Tanner runs to the room’s only other door, and begins clearing away the boxes and debris that block their egress.

Raina rushes to slam the door in the face of the man, Simon. She holds the door against him, giving Tanner the time needed to clear away the door.

Simon breaks through the door, just as Tanner and the rest of our heroes flee. Simon sees the leather ball Tanner holds, and looks at it longingly.

Our heroes flee into natural caverns which lead down into the earth. Satine drops rocks on their path, cutting them off from Simon’s pursuit.

Perhaps trapped in a cavern, Darby says she has a ritual that can call the goat man.

Raina says, “If the goat man comes, he’ll finish the job and kill all of us!”

Tanner explores the cavern they have found, and discovers a pit before them full of human bones. A mass grave.

JournalSatine notices a fresher body holding a journal that crumbles to dust except in her hands, all except for three pages.

The journal is that of a professor, who while performing research in the area, discovered that there is a creature that can take on a different shape. It replicated his sister, Beatress, and he only noticed because it laughed, and she never laughed.

To guard against the doppelganger, each of our heroes cut themselves with a knife so that their shape could not be taken without the others learning of the switch.

Suddenly, the corpses within the pit below rise up, hungry for flesh!

Tanner finds a bow and arrow, and draws it against the shambling things!

What is the fate of our heroes? I don’t know, but the only way to find out is to watch Sagas of Sundry: Dread on Alpha!


Why do you enjoy being scared? Let us know in the comments below!

All images courtesy: Geek & Sundry


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