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DRAGON BALL SUPER Finally Comes to America — 3 Things to Know

DRAGON BALL SUPER Finally Comes to America — 3 Things to Know

Over a year since it first took flight on Japanese airwaves, Dragon Ball Super is finally coming to proper American channels through FUNimation. And it’s coming with a staggering backlog of material. The latest twenty odd episodes are available for streaming–right at this very moment–and the rest will be made available in blocks of ten until the entire catalog is caught up. Also, going forward, each episode will be available in simulcast. So, prepare thyself for a veritable deluge of Dragon Ball that’s only going to keep flooding.

The announcement leaves longtime fans of Goku and pals with a slight quandary, though. Should they just jump right into the latest installments or do they marathon the 64 previous episodes to get up to speed first? If the former option’s preferable, enjoy these quick facts about Super as it is, so far. If the latter sounds more your style, then be forewarned… big spoilers below.

Black Goku

DBZ Super - 1

Goku’s been battling foes whom he’s never encountered before, including… himself? Yep, sooner or later, every super hero meets his evil doppelganger from a dystopic alternate future. “Black Goku” here has destroyed worlds and brought mankind to the brink of extinction some years along in Dragon Ball‘s timeline. As it turns out, though, he and regular Goku aren’t equally matched–and not in the way you’d expect, either.

And if the mention of a “future” in Dragon Ball got you thinking of a certain sword-wielding punk in a purple jacket, you’ll be pleased to know that Black Goku comes from the same era as Future Trunks. Yep, the grown-up progeny of Vegeta and Bulma returns, pursuing this dastardly impostor into Super‘s present.

Forget GT

Dragon Ball Super - 2

Toriyama has far more direct creative involvement with Super than he did with that highly-polarizing series about a de-aged Goku’s roaming around with his granddaughter. So, it should surprise nobody that he’s opted to just flat-out ignore GT. Interestingly, this new series sort-of ignores Battle of Gods and Resurrection F, too, as Super‘s first two arcs are more in-depth re-tellings of those movies’ plots.

If you can’t let go of GT, though, perhaps you can imagine that it still happened… in some other reality? Yes, Beerus’ offhand foreshadowing of a multiverse in Dragon Ball gets some major callback in Super. A new threat arises out of Universe 10, an entire arc springs out of a tournament involving Universe 6, and the cosmology expands significantly with the introductions of gods in other realms from the same pantheon as Whis and Beerus.

Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

Dragon Ball Super - 3
Toriyama’s newest manga title originally seemed like it might be its own thing. However, as revealed by the series’ last volume–and further confirmed by Jaco’s cameo in Resurrection F–this earnest space cop is very much a part of the Dragon Ball universe. In fact, he’s a regular on Super. As his back story reveals, he actually thought baby Goku was an alien threat to Earth when the Saiyan survivor was still en route in space, but he ended up missing the tyke’s arrival due to some goofy circumstances. Suffice it to say, the two heroes have resolved any difference by now in Super.

Did you expect the wait could ever end like this? Are you ready to level up with another stage of Dragon Ball? Drop all your wishes and thoughts in the talkback.

Image Credits: Toei Animation

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