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Don’t miss Sneaky Zebra’s Prop Wars 2: Prop Harder

Don’t miss Sneaky Zebra’s Prop Wars 2: Prop Harder

If you’re looking for a good way to spend 8 minutes online today check out Sneaky Zebra’s Prop Wars 2, Prop Harder. These Sneaky Zebra guy’s are probably best known for their immensely popular cosplay videos from conventions. You know the ones where a camera pans slowly around stunning people in amazing costumes set to the current ear-wormy pop song of the moment? Yeah. Those guys.

I’m not sure if they invented that kind of cosplay video but they certainly perfected it. Anyway, they’ve also created this little masterwork. Here, check it out and we’ll discuss…

Pretty amazing, huh? It’s good to see some deep cuts there. I was particularly happy to see the Tron Identity Disk show up. That movie has a special place in my heart.

My vote for the most obscure reference goes to the wrist weapon from Cowboys Vs. Aliens (which I just Googled and it’s called “The Bracelet,” disappointingly). Special bonus points are awarded to a great Doctor Who cameo and for the very end, which is probably the best live action Green Lantern we’ve seen on screen yet. (Sorry, DC.) Or maybe this was the most obscure or at least the most “out of left field.”

Wilson!!! (Image Credit: Sneaky Zebra)


Oh, and this is the second of these videos.  Check out the first here:

You can feel the lower budget on this one but it still delivers in a big way. The Sneaky Zebra crew do a fair amount of amazing sketches and parody videos, only to have them buried under the millions of hits they get on their cosplay work. I plan on doing my part to rebalance the scales by watching a few of them today. (Although I haven’t watched the cosplay video for San Diego Comic Con yet. Ack!  Sorry, boys, your fate is sealed.)

Tell us what you loved about these videos. What references surprised you? What props should make it into Prop Wars 3: The Prop-ening? Did they use anything you didn’t recognize? I’m sure someone else in the comments has the answer.  

Header Image Credit: Sneaky Zebra

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