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DIY: How to Sew Hidden Pockets into Your Cosplay

DIY: How to Sew Hidden Pockets into Your Cosplay

Cosplay is hard work. You need to be a tailor, cosmetician, props master, hairdresser, and actor all in one—and all of those jobs require tools. Even when you are made up and ready to debut, you still need some of those things on hand to keep your make-up fresh, your hair properly coiffed, and to take care of any wardrobe malfunctions along the way. So where do you store your arsenal of costume magic?

angelImage: ZexenKnight00

If you can’t find a bag that matches your outfit and your costume doesn’t include pants with pockets, you can always use this quick easy method to add hidden pockets to your look.

What you’ll need:

  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Needles or Sewing machine


The easiest way to add a pocket is to attach it at the seam of your costume, but this handy trick can also be used to add pockets to pants, shirts, hats, shoes, etc… Get creative! I’m adding pockets to this dress so I can hold things like my keys and phone. I chose a dotted pink fabric to complement my dress and make it a little less obvious when I open the pocket.

The first thing you want to do is fold the fabric for your pocket and cut it to the shape you want. I measured mine to fit my phone leaving, 1/4 inch extra room all the way around for seam allowance.

Then decide where you want your pocket to sit on the seam of your garment and mark off the ends with pins. Using a seam ripper, open up the seam between the pins.


Turn everything inside out and pin one piece of your pocket fabric to one side of the opening between the pins marking the edges of the opening. Make sure to leave yourself about 1/4 inch seam allowance to you have room to sew. Repeat for the other side. You want the pocket to be pinned to the opened edge of the fabric so that when you fold it back the seam will hide the raw edges of the fabric. Make sure the two pieces of fabric line up with each other  and then you are ready to sew!

pockets6Sew the pocket fabric to the opened edges. Once secured you can pin the two pieces of fabric together and sew around the edge. Just be careful not to sew the opening closed in the process. The blue line below shows where the pocket attaches to the dress. The green dotted line shows where the pocket is sewn together.

pockets7aAt this point your pocket is attached. You can clean up the raw edges by sewing a zig-zag stitch around the outside edge—or leave it if you are lazy like me. Turn your costume right side out again and iron the pocket flat so it doesn’t show. Now my dress has a space for my phone and the pocket is only barely visible!


If you are nervous about the pocket opening when you move, you can always add a snap or Velcro to the inside edge. you can also sew smaller pockets inside the larger one to make it easier to organize your stuff.

This trick is also great for hiding an invisible pouch on stuffed animals, if your costume includes a plushie, such as a Pokemon Trainer or Daenerys and her dragons. Just find a seam on the toy, use a seam ripper to make a hole big enough to accommodate the pocket, and pull out enough stuffing to accommodate the pocket.

pikaDon’t worry little buddy. This won’t hurt a bit. (I might be lying.)

Hopefully this quick tutorial will help you add secret stashes to your cosplay and make running around conventions a lot easier. Do you have other ways to hack your cosplay? Share your favorites in the comments below.

Image Credit: Jessica Fisher

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