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DIY Gifts for the Holidays

DIY Gifts for the Holidays

You’ve braved Black Friday and your credit card wept its way through Cyber Monday. The presents are purchased and hidden away, but there is still one person left. What you get the geek who has everything? You know, the person who got the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition just for the Pip-boy or owns a full size flying Tardis. Just look at that thing!

You can’t get master geeks like these just any old gift. Crack your knuckles and buckle down for a craftacular frenzy of gift making! Home-made gifts will show that you put a lot of though, time, and effort into getting them something unique and special.

Wonder Woman Sweater


Image Credit: Natalie Bursztyn/Ravelry

I really, really, truly wish I was better at knitting, because I love this sweater! Forget the ugly Christmas sweater covered in prancing reindeer, tiny bells, and blinking lights. This sweater will proclaim that your friend is super cool and a total badass! it also has a big star on the back, so with some careful editing (and if you are awesome at knitting), you can turn this Wonder Woman Sweater into a Captain America Sweater. This pattern is available for free courtesy of Natalie Bursztyn. You can check out her pattern here.

Geeky Dishes

Geek-Map-PlatesImage Credit: Our Nerd Home

If your giftee is a serious entertainer, why not make them a full service of geeky dinnerware? These plates can be decorated with anything from comic book pages to fantasy maps to Star Wars pop art. They are super easy to make and only require a few supplies like clear plates, Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge, and an x-acto knife. The only problem is they take a long time to cure (like 28 days)! You’ll have to start now if you want these to be ready in time for the holidays. You can get the complete how-to guide at Our Nerd Home.

Light-up Fandom Snow Globes

SAM_5834Image Credit: Salt Tree

What would the winter holidays be without snow? You can easily craft water-less snow globes using only a jar, minis, and fake snow (Amazon sells a ton of this stuff). This snow globe reminded me of the Chronicles of Narnia with its’ lone lamp post amidst the falling flakes. By using a multitude of miniatures, you can make your snow globe into any fandom you want. Follow the directions at Salt Tree to create your own.

Super Powered Ornaments


Image Credit: Happy Looks Good On You

If your pal has a tree to decorate, you can give them a set of hand-crafted ornaments of their favorite super-heroes. This tutorial has you gluing the logos on the outside, but I think with some careful hands and a chopstick, you could probably stick them to the inside of the ornament to make it look a little more professional. I like to make things challenging. Check out this guide on Happy Looks Good On You.

Star Wars Appliques


Image Credit: Loveandasandwich/DeviantArt

With Star Wars: Episode VII coming out soon, a few wookie and ewok style appliqués can make for some nice decor gifts. Appliqué is a process where you create an image from tiny pieces of cut fabric. I would love to make these into pillows, bags, or even ornaments. Chelsea of Love and a Sandwich created this fun time-lapse video on how she creates these adorable designs. You can watch the video here.

I hope these project will inspire you to make some awesome gifts for your friends and family. Do you have other favorite craft guides for the holidays? Share with us in the comments below.

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