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Dig Into These Mining Games For a Tabletop Day You’ll Treasure

Dig Into These Mining Games For a Tabletop Day You’ll Treasure

Grab your beard and your axe, it’s time to get to work in the cool, deep depths of a glittering mine. These three gems of tabletop games will make you feel like you’re a dwarf scowling in the dark, dangerous mines of Moria–or one of Snow White’s friends happily heading to work, depending on the ages of the players you’re enjoying the day with.

Seven Dwarfs

Spend your Tabletop Day mining for victory as you dig into these game treasures.

Dig Down Dwarf (2nd Edition)

Dig Down DwarfThe dwarf king has died, and only the dwarf who collects the most treasure from the mine’s depths can claim the throne. In this updated version of the press-your-luck dice game, roll the dice to win gems and score big. To get started, players draw objective cards with gem combinations to score bonus points at the end of the game. Then it’s time pick a clan and roll the dice.

Your dice roll combination wins the matching gem; for example, four of a kind when called scores you a diamond, or two pairs of matching dice wins an emerald. Each gem type that you dig up from the mine has its own victory point value and special ability. You can choose to keep each gem you unearth, or take a gamble and use its ability to score even more shiny loot. Push your luck and pull those gems, and you might sit on the dwarven throne.

2-6 Players, Ages 10+

DragonStone Mine!

DragonStone MineCreated by two kids and their father one rainy afternoon, DragonStone Mine! is a light family strategy game. Build towers with the DragonStones, precious gems found in the deep dwarven mines, and be the first to finish all six towers on the game board. But the powers of the DragonStones can be used against you as other players race to finish their own towers first.

On a player’s turn they will “mine” gems by drawing them from the bag. Follow the color rules based on the gems retrieved, such rubies always being placed on another player’s tower or drawing an additional gem when you pick a sapphire. Points are tallied at the end of the game for towers completed, extra gems, and gem patterns on the towers.

2-4 Players, Ages 5+


QuartzYou and your fellow dwarves have five days to explore a recently discovered mine. Each day, the dwarves can sell their mined treasures, and the highest final tally on the last day determines who will own the mine. Can you push your luck and outsmart your dwarven competitors to win it all?

On each turn, draw crystals from the bag to mine them. Collect multiples of one color or one of each to make the most money when you sell at the end of the round. But be careful: If you draw two obsidian out of the bag, you’re kicked out of the mine for that round. If you choose to sell your sparkly loot instead of mining, you can save the money or spend it on action cards for a future turn. Mine, buy and sell, and play your cards right to say, “That mine is mine!”

3-5 Players, Ages 14+

Do you know another gaming gem? Tell us about it in the comments.

Featured Image: Passport Game Studios

Other Images: Disney, Grey Gnome Games, Legion Supplies, Passport Game Studios

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