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Deadlands One-Shot with Members of Critical Role

To support our recent charity stream which benefited MDA, Matt Mercer, Marisha Ray, Liam O’Brien, Laura Bailey, and Travis Willingham teamed up for a one-shot campaign in the western roleplaying game Deadlands. Audience members were allowed to make donations in order to “buy” Fate chips for players, which had the power to re-roll or add dice to rolls. With a high enough donation, a generous audience member could add a single sentence that could completely change the game.

We’d like to thank everyone who donated during the stream! We couldn’t have had such a successful and fun time without you!


You can still make a difference by donating here or you can order exclusive Less Than Three and Critical Role shirts over on Teespring. All the proceeds from these shirts will go directly to benefit MDA!

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Critical Role Fan Art Gallery: Art of the Heist

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