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DC Comics TV Everyday Cosplay

DC Comics TV Everyday Cosplay

Comic books are invading entertainment. Marvel is dominating the box office and DC is crushing it at TV these days. Their shows range from dark and twisty drama, to lighthearted superhero fun, and even some campier fare. It’s all great, and there’s something for everyone in the DC TV universe. I’m a wee bit obsessed with DC shows these days, so I couldn’t help but create some everyday cosplay looks to channel a few of my favorite TV superheroes. Whether you’re a Kryptonian, a metahuman, a vigilante, or just a criminal, I’ve got some DC everyday cosplay just for you.

… but, you know, hopefully you’re not a criminal.

Oswald Cobblepot

Okay, so this guy may be a baddie, but there is no denying that our boy Oswald knows how to look sharp. While you may not be up for wearing a three piece suit on the reg, this look should get you fancy enough to channel the Penguin himself–hopefully without the crime and stuff.

Everyday Oswald Cobblepot


Selina Kyle

Speaking of crime, we can’t forget our favorite cat burglar and future super villain out there, Ms. Selina Kyle. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who isn’t at least mildly in love with Selina’s style, and her look on Gotham is particularly fun with her biker-inspired style.

Everyday Selina Kyle


Green Arrow

Vigilantes don’t have time for elaborate fashion, so this Green Arrow look is as simple as Oliver Queen’s basic philosophy of “save Star City”. Though I didn’t include the greasepaint on the eyes from the original look of “The Hood”, if you feel like smearing black goo over your face, you do you.

Everyday Green Arrow


Black Canary

Whether your favorite Black Canary is Laurel or Sara Lance, this look will help you channel your favorite vigilante/assassin/DA (depending on which Canary you prefer) in true style. Extra points if you go around screaming at everyone for your “Canary Cry”.

Everyday Black Canary


Everyday Flash

The fastest man alive has a style that is a bit… challenging to emulate in everyday life. That is, unless you’re everyday style isn’t far from a red body suit with lightning bolts on the ears. So while you’ll have to decide for yourself if you want to slap lightning bolt emblems on your body, this should at least get you that “red streak” look.

Everyday Flash



Kara Danvers has some pretty great style in her real life, but her superhero style is pretty amazing, too. While you can’t really wear a knee-length cape without some funny looks, this outfit will perfectly represent your super style and the House of El while still keeping you warm this winter.

Everyday Supergirl

Who is your favorite character from the DC Comics TV universe? Have you ever done ever done everyday cosplay based on a DC character? Tell us about it in the comments, and be sure to check us out on Polyvore!


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